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Why do we stereotype others?

Stereotyping means attributing a personality trait or a set of personality traits to a group of people. These traits may either be positive or negative and stereotyping of groups is usually done on the basis of age, gender, race, region, religion, etc.
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Psychology of dehumanization and humanization

Dehumanization means stripping humans off of their human qualities. Dehumanized humans are viewed as less than human by the dehumanizers, no longer having the same worth and dignity that humans normally ascribe to each other.

Three stages of love: Lust, attraction, and attachment

Love has baffled poets, mystics, philosophers, and scientists for eons. It’s a central theme in numerous movies, songs, novels, paintings, etc.

Where does homophobia stem from?

Homophobia is a pervasive phenomenon that has been known to occur since the dawn of human history. It ranges from having antagonistic attitudes toward homosexuals to engaging in violent acts against them.

6 reasons why homosexuality exists in nature

Homosexual behavior, on the surface, doesn’t make any sense when looked at from an evolutionary perspective.

Why are some people gay? And why are there trans people?

I’ve studied in an all-boys school and since a very young age, I noticed that not all boys in our class were similar in terms of masculinity and masculine behaviors.

Why do many women experience premenstrual syndrome?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a complex condition, a tough nut to crack. It’s mainly because its symptoms are wide-ranging and vary considerably in severity from one woman to another.