Why women talk so much: Talking styles of men and women

When I was in school, a teacher one day caught a bunch of boys talking in the class and said, “Stop gossiping like village women.” That phrase got stuck in my mind and I wondered why women, not men, were associated with talking and gossiping.

Why do we find babies so cute and adorable

What is it about babies that makes them so cute and adorable? 

Why are we compelled, as if by some mysterious force, to hold and nurture cute babies?

How men and women differ in touch sensitivity

Mike was having an argument with his girlfriend Rita. In the midst of a hateful exchange of words, Rita decided that she’d had enough and turned around to leave. 

Do men and women differ in tasting and smelling abilities?

In the previous articles, How men and women perceive the world differently and How men and women hear things differently, we looked at the sex differences in humans in visual and auditory perceptions.

In this article, we take up the senses of taste and smell and see whether or not there’s a difference between men and women in how they taste and smell things.

First, should we expect a difference?

If our male ancestors hunted and our female ancestors gathered plant-based foods, who could benefit from having a better ability to smell and taste?

Of course, it’s the females. Being a successful hunter does not require being good at smelling and tasting but being a successful gatherer of plant-based foods does. If you are to gather fruits and seeds, you need to be good at discriminating poisonous or rotten foods from the nonpoisonous or fresh ones.
In general, naturally occurring foods that taste and smell bad are bad for us so it’s advantageous to be good at identifying and avoiding them. Being …

How men and women hear things differently

In the article How men and women perceive the world differently, we looked at the differences in the visual perceptions of men and women.

How men and women perceive the world differently

For most of our evolutionary history as Homo sapiens, we lived as hunter-gatherers. Men were predominantly hunters while women were predominantly gatherers.

The Dunning-Kruger effect: Why the incompetent think they're competent

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge." - Charles DarwinYou decide to learn a skill, say programming, and buy the best book you know about it. After finishing the book and doing some exercises, you feel like you’ve mastered programming.

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