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16 Leadership styles: The complete list of leadership styles

Leadership styles are the various ways in which leaders in a social setting, such as a business or a political organization, interact with their followers and make decisions. Typically, a leader utilizes a combination of different leadership styles depending on the situation and the goals of the organization.
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Noseyness: What makes some people so nosey

All of us have experienced noseyness from other people at some point in our lives. Noseyness is when someone whom we don’t want to interfere in our life does so. This unsolicited interference often manifests as questions and comments relating to our personal matters such as our health, career, and relationships.

The psychology behind Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is the name given to an intriguing psychological phenomenon where hostages develop positive feelings for their captors during captivity. It sounds confusing because common sense says that we should hate those who forcibly capture us and threaten us with violence.

What is meant by gaslighting in psychology?

Gaslighting means manipulating someone’s perception of reality to the point that they begin to question their own sanity. The manipulation is so effective that a person being gaslighted comes to doubt their ability to perceive reality and recall events from memory accurately.

The ultimate guide to detecting a lie

We all want to be walking lie detectors who can never be deceived by anyone. The truth is- there’s no magic formula that can tell help you detect a lie every single time with 100% accuracy. What you can do, however, is increase your chances of detecting a lie.

10 Online psychology courses you cannot afford to miss

A list of hand-picked, best-selling online psychology courses across the internet to help you achieve mastery over the human psyche. Online courses are a great way for in-depth learning about specific topics of interest and they save you a lot of time and hassle that comes from trying to look for information on your own.

Conflict management in the workplace and in relationships

Why do conflicts arise?

What can we do to maximize the positive outcomes of conflict?

And what can we do to minimize the negative outcomes of conflict?