How to become more creative

This article will teach you how to become creative and how to unleash your creativity.

Creativity is the ability to generate ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems or creating brilliant works of art. It is the capacity to see things from a totally different perspective.

Creativity simply means allowing your imagination to fly, without any bounds or restrictions.

We’re all creative

We are all by nature creative. Just look at little children and the kind of games they play, the things they draw and how they try to combine little things to make their toys. They aren’t chained yet with ‘routine’. They are free to do anything. That’s why they are creative.

Restrictions on what they should and shouldn’t think, do and shouldn’t do have not yet been imposed on them by society. A child can come up with five different ideas on how to solve a problem while an adult will give you five different reasons why there’s no hope.

How creativity gets discouraged

Our minds are loaded with limitations that we borrowed from other people. As children, we are often discouraged if we come up with a creative idea. Everyone thinks that our idea is silly because their own lack of creative thinking prevents them from seeing the possibilities that we see.

Gradually we learn not to trust our own ideas and walk the beaten path. We are expected to do what others have done before us and discouraged to think on our own- explore our own path. 

Creative people are open-minded. That’s their most important trait. They are willing to consider ideas, opinions, and perspectives even if they initially disagree with them.

We are all open-minded as kids. We believe anything is possible but sooner or later we are ‘taught’ otherwise and in our innocence, we believe them.

Some spiritual masters teach that all we need to do is to return to that innocence, where we perceive life not through the lens of others’ ideas but with our own fresh, naked eyes; with our own observation and intelligence.

how to become more creative

How to become creative?

Actually, that question is wrong! We don’t have to learn creativity; we have to unlearn all the things that are hindering our inherent creative nature. And that can be done by keeping in mind the following rules:

1) There’s always more than one way to solve a problem or to achieve a goal. Don’t get stuck with the methods others have used. Experiment with your own methods even if they are totally new.

2) Some people feel stuck and helpless when they can’t solve a problem because they don’t believe there’s a way out. This false belief prevents a person from being creative.

3) To think outside the box, get out of the box you are in and think! Yes, I’m talking literally. Most people come up with creative ideas not when they are in the ‘boxes’ of their homes or offices but when they are on vacation, enjoying a walk or just spending some time with nature.

This is because they are in a relaxed state in such places and less likely to get distracted.

4) Spend more time with creative people. Hang out with them, read about them and watch them unleash their creativity. This will reinforce your belief that anything is possible.

5) Just because things are done in a certain way doesn’t mean you have to do them in the same way. There are always easier, faster and efficient ways to do things.

6) If you can imagine it, it is possible. Just because it never has been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

7) Most importantly, be prepared to fail Sometimes you have to come with a lot of different ideas that don’t work till you figure out the one that does. The arrow that hits the bull’s eye is a result of a hundred misses.