Humor styles

Humor Styles Questionnaire

1. If I am feeling depressed, I can usually cheer myself up with humor.
2. If I am feeling depressed, I can usually cheer myself up with humor.
3. If someone makes a mistake, I'll often tease them about it.
4. I let people laugh at me or make fun at my expense more than I should.
5. I don't have to work very hard at making other people laugh- I seem to be a naturally humorous person.
6. Even when I'm by myself, I'm often amused by the absurdities of life.
7. People are never offended or hurt by my sense of humor.
8. I will often get carried away in putting myself down if it makes my family or friends laugh.
9. I rarely make other people laugh by telling funny stories about myself.
10. If I am feeling upset or unhappy I usually try to think of something funny about the situation to make myself feel better.
11. When telling jokes or saying funny things, I am usually not very concerned about how other people are taking it.
12. I often try to make people like or accept me more by saying something funny about my own weaknesses, blunders or faults.
13. I laugh and joke a lot with my friends.
14. My humorous outlook on life keeps me from getting overly upset or depressed about things.
15. I do not like it when people use humor as a way of criticizing or putting someone down.
16. I don't often say funny things to put myself down.
17. I usually don't like to tell jokes or amuse people.
18. If I'm by myself and I'm feeling unhappy, I make an effort to think of something funny to cheer myself up.
19. Sometimes I think of something that is so funny that I can't stop myself from saying it, even if it is not appropriate for the situation.
20. I often go overboard in putting myself down when I am making jokes or trying to be funny.
21. I enjoy making people laugh.
22. If I am feeling sad or upset, I usually lose my sense of humor.
23. I never participate in laughing at others even if all my friends are doing it.
24. When I am with friends or family, I often seem to be the one that other people make fun of or joke about.
25. I don't often joke around with my friends.
26. It is my experience that thinking about some amusing aspect of a situation is often a very effective way of coping with problems.
27. If I don't like someone, I often use humor or teasing to put them down.
28. If I am having problems or feeling unhappy, I often cover it up by joking around, so that even my closest friends don't know how I really feel.
29. I usually can't think of witty things to say when I'm with other people.
30. I don't need to be with other people to feel amused- I can usually find things to laugh about even when I'm by myself.
31. Even if something is really funny to me, I will not laugh or joke about it if someone will be offended.
32. Letting others laugh at me is my way of keeping my friends and family in good spirits.