Mother-son enmeshment checklist


A close bond between a parent and child is normal and healthy. But there is such a thing as too much closeness, even in the context of a parent-child relationship.

Enmeshed or overly close relationships are common in families and lead to a blurring of boundaries between the family members. A child who is enmeshed with their parent adopts the parents’ thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors.

As a result, the child cannot form an identity of their own. You can’t tell where the child ends and their parent begins.

Mother-son enmeshment

A son who’s enmeshed with his mother has her exact personality. The two are overly involved in each other’s lives. Their relationship seems inappropriate.

If you’re a son who suspects you might be enmeshed with your mother, the checklist below will help you measure the degree of enmeshment.

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Mother-son enmeshment checklist

Check off items that apply.

I am the center of my mother's world
She wants me to be there for her at all times
She guilt-trips me when I try to be different than her
She over-interferes in my life
She does things for me that I can easily do myself
She sees my girlfriend/wife as a competition
I often go out of my way to please her
I find it challenging to sustain romantic relationships
I don't connect with my father too much
I find it hard to express and assert myself