22 Dominant body language signals

dominant body language

Human beings are sensitive to social hierarchies. They want to know their status in their group and the status of their group members. Therefore, when people interact with others, some questions naturally run in their heads, such as: “Is he confident?” “Is he a leader?” “Is she trustworthy?” “Is he successful?” “Is he a loser?” …

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Nervous body language signs (Complete list)

nervous body language

People display nervous body language when they find themselves in threatening social situations. When a person believes they won’t be able to handle a high-stakes, threatening social situation the way they want to, they get nervous and anxious. When you display signs of nervousness and discomfort, you make others uncomfortable as well. People have this …

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Sideways glance in body language

sideways glance body language

When someone gives you a sideways glance, they look at you from the corners of their eyes. Normally, when we have to look at someone, we turn our heads towards them. If we’re really interested in engaging with them, we also turn our bodies towards them. These are direct modes of engagement with the other …

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Pat on the shoulder body language

man patting on the shoulder

Patting another person’s shoulder is common in social interactions. This body language gesture is highly context-dependent. Who does it and when determines what it means. In this article, we’ll explore all the possible meanings of ‘pat on the shoulder’ body language gesture. After that, we’ll discuss the meaning of a closely related ‘resting hand on …

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Tongue pressed against cheek body language

tongue pressed against cheek

In body language, the ‘tongue pressed against cheek’ facial expression occurs when a person’s tongue presses against the inside of their cheek on one side of the face. As a result, their cheek bulges noticeably on the outside. This facial expression is subtle and usually lasts for only a fraction of a second. Where and …

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Wringing hands body language meaning

wringing hands body language

The ‘wringing hands’ body language gesture is where a person squeezes one hand with the other repeatedly or alternately, or both. Usually, the knuckles of one hand get pressed between the palm and the fingers of the other hand. Other times, the person rubs their entire hand as if they were washing it. In other …

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Body language: Stretching arms above head

body language stretching arms above head

Stretching the arms above head body language gesture is often accompanied by yawning i.e. stretching facial muscles whilst opening the mouth. And accompanied by deep, slow inhalation followed by quick exhalation. Yawning and stretching arms can occur independently, but when they occur together, the gesture is called pandiculation. Pandiculation is an involuntary gesture where a …

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Body language: Pinching the bridge of nose

woman pinching bridge of nose

Pinching the bridge of nose gesture consists of pinching the top of the nose with one’s index finger and thumb. It’s often accompanied by a lowering of the head, closing the eyes, and releasing a deep sigh. Sometimes, the person may also squeeze the skin in the area repeatedly. Pinching the bridge of nose means …

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Body language for interviews (Do’s and don’ts)

This article will highlight some interview body language tips- things about body language that you should keep in mind when attending a job interview. But why does it matter? People say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Yet, that’s exactly what the human mind does over and over. It also manifests in interview …

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