What the angry facial expression looks like

angry expression

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the facial expression of anger. First, we’ll look at the specific facial areas involved in the angry facial expression. Then, we’ll look at some example pictures showing this expression in varying degrees. Eyebrows Eyebrows are lowered and drawn together to form a ‘V’ on the lower …

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How facial expressions are triggered and controlled

Facial expressions are triggered by conscious and unconscious interpretations of events and situations. These interpretations usually happen very quickly and instantaneously so that we only become aware of our own facial expressions once we’ve already made them. Sometimes we don’t become aware of them at all, even though they’ve been lingering on our face for quite …

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Subtle facial expressions

The types of facial expressions that most of us are familiar with are what are known as strong or full facial expressions. All of us can easily recognize when a person is feeling happy, sad, angry, afraid, etc. just by looking at their facial expression because the expressions for these emotions are full, strong, and conspicuous. …

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Why reading facial expressions is important

Reading facial expressions is something comes naturally to most of us. But if you learn to observe them more carefully, you’ll take your communication skills to the next level. A person’s face is the seal of his identity. Our face is what gives us our distinct identity and separates us from the others. You are you …

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3 Common gesture clusters and what they mean

Isolated gestures are rarely noticed while observing body language. Often, a person will convey his emotional state via more than one gesture and this combination of gestures is known as a gesture cluster. While analyzing body language, it’s imperative that you take into account as many gestures as possible because that will provide a more …

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Body orientation in nonverbal communication

body orientation in business

In order to highlight how body orientation matters in non-verbal communication, consider the following scenario: You’re browsing through some items in a provisional store. You notice an old high school friend at the far end of the store and you decide to approach him.  You move towards him walking backwards- yes, with your back turned towards him. As soon as you …

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