Dreaming of being chased (meaning)

dreaming of being chased

This article will attempt to provide insights into how the mind weaves its dreams and how you can go about interpreting them. Then we’ll focus on the possible interpretations dreaming of being chased can have. We often dream about the issues and concerns we have in our waking life. When we encounter a problem, our …

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Why do we daydream? (Explained)

why do we daydream kid

Why do we daydream?What causes daydreaming?What triggers it and what’s the purpose? Before we begin to understand why we daydream, I want you to imagine the following scenario: You’re studying for a particularly hard test that’s round the corner and feel that you haven’t covered as much of the syllabus as you wanted to by …

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Problem-solving in dreams (famous examples)

In dreams, while our conscious mind is inactive, our subconscious mind is actively working on problems that we may have failed to solve consciously in our waking life. That’s why it’s highly likely that a solution to a problem that you’ve been working on for quite a while can pop up in your dream. This …

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How to stop recurring dreams and nightmares

recurring dreams and nightmares

This article will explain to you the meaning of recurring dreams and why we get such dreams. Later, we’ll look at how to stop having recurring dreams. Suppose you wanted to send an important email to someone but as soon as you hit the send button, your screen displays, ‘Message not sent. Check your network …

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Teeth falling out dream (7 Interpretations)

teeth falling out dream

Teeth falling out or rotting or breaking dreams are common types of dreams that many people have seen. Along with dreaming about flying, falling, being chased and being lost, such dreams are pretty much universal. These dreams pose a challenge to the way we usually interpret dreams. The best way to interpret your dreams is …

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Dreaming of falling, flying and being naked

dreaming of falling

In this article, we unveil the mystery surrounding dreaming of falling, flying and being naked. Dreaming of falling This dream can take up other forms such as drowning or sinking in quicksand. This dream generally represents a loss of control that you may be currently experiencing in your life. You took a big risk, quit …

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Dreaming about failing an exam

dreaming of failing an exam

This article will discuss the interpretation of a common dream that people, especially students, have- the dream about failing in an exam. We all have our unique dream symbols, the meaning of which can be understood in the light of our own belief systems. Nevertheless, there also exist some dreams that are common to most …

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Freud’s dream symbols (Types and meaning)

dream symbol

Sigmund Freud in his book Interpretation of Dreams talked about how certain dreams contain dream symbols. What are they and how can we go about interpreting them? We often come across certain dream symbols in our dreams and it’s important to learn how to interpret dream symbols. Many times dreams are very clear in their …

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5-Step dream interpretation guide

how to interpret dreams

Someone has rightly said that an uninterpreted dream is like an unopened letter. In this article, I’ll tell you how to interpret dreams using this easy-to-follow, 5-step guide. Almost all of us see dreams at night whether we remember them or not. It is believed that we see around 3 to 6 dreams per night, …

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What causes weird dreams?

This article will explore what causes weird dreams using the concept of dream symbolism. I first came across dream symbolism in the book Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud. Dreams are a means of communication between you and your subconscious mind. When you are dreaming, there is often a message that the subconscious mind is …

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