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How to overcome the fear of failure

Many motivational speakers and self-help gurus lambast the fear of failure as if it’s some kind of a curse on humanity. Hardly anyone ever points out why we have this fear in the first place and, dare I say, the potential benefits of having this fear. 
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How to know real friends from the fake ones

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if the people you call friends are really your friends? Have you ever complained, “He only talks to me when he needs me” or “I only exist when you need something”?

How groups form: 5 stages of group development

In Human Resources Management, there’s this 5-stage model of group development that was put forward by Bruce Tuckman. I’ve always been fascinated by group dynamics and group behaviour, and found this model useful in explaining not only team dynamics at the workplace but also friendships and relationships.

How to answer multiple choice questions using psychology

I have appeared in numerous multiple choice type tests over the course of my educational career. When you do the same thing over and over you understand new things about it or at least look at it in a different way. 

Why people keep repeating the same thing over and over

Have you ever wondered why people keep repeating the same thing in conversations over and over? If you’re anything like me, you can't ignore the content of conversations because you know that language can be a window to the mind.

How our internal biological clock influences our behaviour

Many of our behaviours that seem random are, in fact, dependent on what time of the day it is. Our body can’t function normally and properly without keeping track of time. So how does the body keep track of time?

What causes sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment or sexual coercion occurs when someone tries to gain sexual favours from another person without their consent. While this can happen to both sexes, the male-on-female sexual harassment is the most common in humans and gets a lot of media coverage and attention.