Primary and secondary emotions (With examples)

primary and secondary emotions

Researchers have tried to classify emotions for decades. Yet, there’s very little agreement on what classification is accurate. Forget the classification of emotions, there’s disagreement even on the appropriate definition of emotion. Before we talk about primary and secondary emotions, let’s first define emotions. I like to keep things simple so I’ll give you the …

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Fear of responsibility and its causes

taking responsibility

Fear of responsibility is an irrational fear of taking responsibilities. Also called hypengyophobia (Greek ‘hypengos’ means ‘responsibility’), people who have a fear of responsibility avoids responsibilities, even at a significant cost to themselves and others. Such people are trapped in their comfort zones and avoid taking risks that most responsibilities entail. People can fear taking …

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Stages of navigating grief and loss

Being able to understand and identify the stages of navigating grief can help one cope with it. Grief occurs as a result of a loss of something that’s valuable to us. It may be the loss of our health, a loved one, a pet, a job, a relationship, anything. Humans display a range of interesting …

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How unsolved problems affect your current mood

Your unsolved problems and unfinished businesses have a significant impact on your mood. The major reason behind experiencing a bad mood is either facing a new life problem or encountering something that reminds you of an already existing problem i.e. an unsolved problem from your past. We don’t feel bad when we encounter minor problems. …

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What causes bad moods? (3 major causes)

When we’re in a bad mood, there’s always a cause behind it. Sometimes the cause may be obvious like, for example, hearing bad news but at other times you may be totally unaware of the cause as it may have affected you only on a subconscious level. In this post, I’ll reveal two main causes …

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Where do moods come from?

This article will discuss the psychology of moods and where good and bad moods come from. Before we can tackle the question of where moods come from, we got to understand the very nature of the moods. To put it simply, you can think of your current mood as your current emotional state. Moods are …

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What’s the root cause of depression?


This article will go in-depth into exploring the root cause of depression, the purpose of depression, and how to overcome depression. All emotions are a means of communication between your conscious and your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is continually monitoring your life, watching your actions, and trying to make sure that your happiness and well-being …

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What causes insecurity?

Before we try to understand what causes insecurity, I want to introduce you to a girl named Lisa: Lisa never liked to take photos of her whenever she hung out with friends. Even if it was a picnic, a vacation or a party, she stayed away from getting clicked and reasonably enough all her friends found …

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Causes of frustration and how to deal with it

dealing with frustration and anger

What causes frustration?Why do people become enraged sometimes? The answer lies in the emotion of frustration. The feelings of frustration are caused when someone or something prevents us from getting or doing what we want. Humans are goal-seeking organisms continually looking for the fulfilment of their needs and goals. It’s common for us to experience …

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