What is insight learning? (Definition and theory)

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Insight learning is a type of learning that happens suddenly, in the flash of a moment. It’s those “a-ha” moments, the light bulbs that people typically get long after they’ve abandoned a problem. It’s believed that insight learning has been behind many creative inventions, discoveries, and solutions throughout history. In this article, we’ll explore what’s …

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Stockholm syndrome psychology (explained)

Stockholm Syndrome is an intriguing psychological phenomenon in which hostages develop positive feelings for their captors during captivity. It sounds confusing. After all, common sense says that we should hate those who forcibly capture us and threaten us with violence, right? Stockholm Syndrome does not only makes victims like their captors. Some also empathize with …

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Why do certain behaviours make us cringe?

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You show your friend a music video from your favourite band, hoping they’ll like it as much as you do. After about a minute into the video, your friend blurts out, “Ugh… the singer makes me cringe!” You feel devastated, wronged, and slightly embarrassed. “Is this supposed to be cringe-worthy? I didn’t realize this was …

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