Why seeking validation can’t be stopped

seeking validation

Seeking validation from others means seeking their approval for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choices, values, and actions. The desire to seek validation stems from the basic human need to be liked and accepted by others. Since we’re a social species, we have a fundamental need to belong to our herd and be accepted by them. …

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Toxic family dynamics: 10 Signs to look for

toxic family dynamics

A toxic family is defined as one where there’s a consistent pattern of family members exhibiting harmful behaviors toward other members. While conflict is a normal part of a family dynamic, a toxic family handles conflict in ways that are damaging to one or more members. In a toxic family, there’s a constant pattern of …

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Lima syndrome: Definition, meaning, & causes

lima syndrome

Lima syndrome is when a captor or abuser develops a positive connection with the captive. This positive connection could be sympathy, empathy, attachment, or even love. The captor, having developed a bond with the captive, does things in favor of the captive. Lima syndrome is the opposite of Stockholm syndrome, where a captive develops a …

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Limbic resonance: Definition, meaning & theory

limbic resonance mother child

Limbic resonance is defined as a state of deep emotional and physiological connection between two people. The limbic system in the brain is the seat of emotions. When two people are in limbic resonance, their limbic systems are in tune with each other. Limbic resonance is also referred to as emotional contagion or mood contagion. …

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Actor-observer bias in psychology

actor observer bias

“Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, ‘What else could this mean?’” – Shannon Alder The actor-observer bias occurs when people attribute their own behaviors to external causes and the behaviors of others to internal causes. External causes include situational factors that one has no …

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Why you suddenly remember old memories

suddenly remembering old memories

When people talk about suddenly remembering old memories, the memories they’re referring to are usually autobiographical or episodic memories. As the name suggests, this type of memory stores the episodes of our life. Another type of memory that can also be suddenly remembered is semantic memory. Our semantic memory is the storehouse of our knowledge …

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The psychology behind ultimatums in relationships

ultimatums in relationships

An ultimatum is a demand for behavioral change accompanied by a threat. Also called Games of Chicken, ultimatums are often “Do this, or else…” type of statements that pressurize a person to do something they don’t want to do. In relationships, those who feel their needs aren’t being met issue ultimatums. Issuing an ultimatum is …

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Childhood emotional neglect (An in-depth guide)

emotionally neglected child

Childhood emotional neglect occurs when one or both parents don’t respond to the emotional needs of a child. Human children, heavily depending on their parents, require material and emotional support from their parents. They especially require emotional support for healthy physiological and psychological development. While parents may both abuse and neglect their child, abuse is …

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