Why you suddenly remember old memories

suddenly remembering old memories

When people talk about suddenly remembering old memories, the memories they’re referring to are usually autobiographical or episodic memories. As the name suggests, this type of memory stores the episodes of our life. Another type of memory that can also be suddenly remembered is semantic memory. Our semantic memory is the storehouse of our knowledge …

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The psychology behind ultimatums in relationships

ultimatums in relationships

An ultimatum is a demand for behavioral change accompanied by a threat. Also called Games of Chicken, ultimatums are often “Do this, or else…” type of statements that pressurize a person to do something they don’t want to do. In relationships, those who feel their needs aren’t being met issue ultimatums. Issuing an ultimatum is …

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Childhood emotional neglect (An in-depth guide)

emotionally neglected child

Childhood emotional neglect occurs when one or both parents don’t respond to the emotional needs of a child. Human children, heavily depending on their parents, require material and emotional support from their parents. They especially require emotional support for healthy physiological and psychological development. While parents may both abuse and neglect their child, abuse is …

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Cassandra syndrome: 9 Reasons warnings go unheeded

cassandra painting

Cassandra syndrome or Cassandra complex is when a person’s warning goes unheeded. The term is derived from Greek mythology. Cassandra was a beautiful woman whose beauty seduced Apollo into granting her the gift of prophecy. However, when Cassandra refused Apollo’s romantic advances, he placed a curse on her. The curse was that nobody would believe …

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Emotional healing: What is it and how does it work?

emotional healing

Emotional healing is the process of recovering from an emotional wound or trauma. Emotional wounds are inflicted upon people by negative life experiences or stressors. Many stressors can cause trauma, but we can broadly classify them into two types: Stressors threatening survival. Stressors threatening reproduction. Stressors that threaten survival include natural disasters, violence, accidents, disease, …

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What is insight learning? (Definition and theory)

insight learning featured

Insight learning is a type of learning that happens suddenly, in the flash of a moment. It’s those “a-ha” moments, the light bulbs that people typically get long after they’ve abandoned a problem. It’s believed that insight learning has been behind many creative inventions, discoveries, and solutions throughout history. In this article, we’ll explore what’s …

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Signs from the universe or coincidence?

number coincidence

You’ve probably come across one of those people who believe they receive signs from the universe. Maybe you’re one of them. I certainly have thought this way in the past. You know, you’re working on a difficult task and you face an obstacle. Then you tell yourself it’s a sign from the universe that you …

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