How are memories stored and retrieved

memory distortions

It’s tempting to think our memory works like the memory of a video recorder, in that it replays information exactly as recorded. This isn’t always the case. Based on how memories are stored and retrieved, they’re prone to errors called memory distortions. A distorted memory is a memory whose recall differs from what was encoded …

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Grass is greener syndrome (Explained)

the grass is greener on the other side

Why do humans have a tendency to believe that the grass is greener on the other side? Some call it the grass is greener syndrome. Why do people crave what they don’t have? Why do people compare what they have with what others have? This article will attempt to answer all of these questions. People …

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What causes overthinking?

overthinking woman

To understand what causes overthinking, we need to understand why we think in the first place. After that, we can begin to explore why this process goes into overdrive and what can be done to overcome it. In the first half of the 20th century, behaviourists dominated the field of Psychology. They believed that behaviour …

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Stockholm syndrome psychology (explained)

Stockholm Syndrome is an intriguing psychological phenomenon in which hostages develop positive feelings for their captors during captivity. It sounds confusing. After all, common sense says that we should hate those who forcibly capture us and threaten us with violence, right? Stockholm Syndrome does not only makes victims like their captors. Some also empathize with …

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Why do certain behaviours make us cringe?

cringe joke

You show your friend a music video from your favourite band, hoping they’ll like it as much as you do. After about a minute into the video, your friend blurts out, “Ugh… the singer makes me cringe!” You feel devastated, wronged, and slightly embarrassed. “Is this supposed to be cringe-worthy? I didn’t realize this was …

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Reasons for feeling like a fraud

Joe was a brilliant actor who had been nominated for the best actor award in an award ceremony. He had worked hard and his movie had done very well. When the announcer announced that he was the winner, Joe felt a cocktail of emotions- he was joyous, inexplicably sad, relieved and excited all at the …

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Why do people repeat themselves over and over

people repeat themselves over and over

Have you ever wondered why people keep repeating the same thing in conversations over and over? If you’re anything like me, you can’t ignore the content of conversations because you know that language can be a window to the mind. People repeat what they say for a number of reasons in a variety of contexts. …

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Formation of stereotypes explained

This article will focus on the mechanics behind the formation of stereotypes, explaining why people stereotype others and how we can begin to break these stereotypes. Stereotyping means attributing a personality trait or a set of personality traits to a group of people. These traits may either be positive or negative and stereotyping of groups …

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Meaning of dehumanization

Dehumanization means stripping humans off of their human qualities. Dehumanized humans are viewed as less than human by the dehumanizers, no longer having the same worth and dignity that humans normally ascribe to each other. Researchers have identified two types of dehumanizations- animalistic and mechanistic dehumanization.1 In animalistic dehumanization, you deny human attributes in the …

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