5 Reasons why people believe in conspiracy theories

Why do people believe conspiracy in theories that sound stupid to others but not to the conspiracy theorists themselves? Conspiracy theorists such as: Shapeshifting reptilians are ruling our world, the earth is flat, and the moon is an abandoned spaceship. Aliens tripping on marijuana (which cures everything) draw crop circles in fields to communicate with …

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4 Major causes of superstitions

black cat superstition

This article will throw light on the major psychological causes of superstitions. While people have countless superstitious beliefs, the underlying psychological tendencies that give rise to them are more or less the same. Superstitions are everywhere. From the chain messages that ask you to ‘forward this to 10 people and something good will happen soon’ …

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The Zeigarnik effect in psychology

The Zeigarnik effect states that we have a tendency to remember unfinished tasks. It is named after the psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik who, in the late 1920s, discovered that waiters had a tendency to remember un-served orders. She also observed that as soon as the orders were served, the waiters seemed to completely forget about them. The …

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When you mistake a stranger for a friend

Ever had that experience where you see a friend on the street and walk up to greet them, only to realize that they’re a complete stranger? Ever mistaken a total stranger for your crush or lover? What’s funny is that sometimes you realize they’re a stranger after you’ve greeted them and they’ve greeted you back. Even funnier is when …

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Self-sabotage behavior explained

self-sabotage behavior

In this article, we discuss self-sabotage behavior, reasons why people engage in this behavior, and common examples of self-sabotaging behaviors. How many times do you hear people telling you, rather sanctimoniously, “Be yourself”? And to complete the famous Oscar Wilde quote, they add, “Everyone else is taken”. Let’s say you decide to heed the advice. …

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