What causes nationalism? (Ultimate guide)

nationalism salute

To understand what causes nationalism and explore in-depth the psychology of nationalists, we have to start with understanding what the term nationalism means. Nationalism is the belief that the nation to which one belongs is superior to other nations. It is characterized by viewing one’s nation favorably and showing exaggerated love and support for one’s …

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Why new lovers keep talking on the phone endlessly

“I think about you all the time.”“I want to be with you all the time.”“I like talking to you all the time.” These are among the common sentences that you hear in romantic songs, poems, movies, and from love-struck people in real life. Love makes people say and do things that seem irrational or even downright stupid. …

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Sexual harassment: What causes it?

Sexual harassment or sexual coercion occurs when someone tries to gain sexual favours from another person without their consent. While this can happen to both sexes, male-on-female sexual harassment is the most common in humans and gets a lot of media coverage and attention. Recently, there began a widespread movement in the West (as well …

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Monogamy vs polygamy: What is natural?

monogamy vs polygamy

This article will focus on monogamy vs polygamy, throwing light on each of these mating behaviors in humans. There have been endless debates on the topic of whether humans are monogamous or polygamous by nature. There are sound arguments for both polygamy and monogamy with regards to human mating so the answer probably lies somewhere …

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Causes of infidelity in relationships

infidelity causes

Infidelity happens for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from seeking ego gratification to taking revenge. To understand the root causes of infidelity, we need to understand why they enter relationships in the first place. A relationship is a contract that two individuals enter into. There are unwritten terms of this contract that either party …

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Why do people faint in response to a threat?

Have you ever wondered why people faint? What’s going on when a person falls unconscious? Imagine you’re alone in a jungle and you sense a predator nearby. This event can trigger a series of fear responses in you that are designed to help you survive. When you first sense the predator, you’ll likely freeze and …

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3 Stages of love in psychology

3 stages in love psychology

This article will discuss the 3 stages of love in psychology i.e. lust, attraction and attachment. We’ll go into detail about the physiological and psychological changes that happen in you as you progress through these stages. Love has baffled poets, mystics, philosophers, and scientists for ages. It’s a central theme in many movies, songs, novels, …

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Homosexuality in nature explained

homosexuality in nature

This article will explore answers to the question of why we find homosexuality in nature. If you’re not already aware, homosexuality exists in many animal species. Homosexual behavior, on the surface, doesn’t seem to make any sense when looked at from an evolutionary perspective. Reproduction is at the heart of evolution. If homosexual couples, by …

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Period mood swings in women (evolutionary reasons)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or period mood swings in women is a complex condition, a tough nut to crack. It’s mainly because its symptoms are wide-ranging and vary considerably in severity from one woman to another. PMS occurs in what is known as the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. It’s a two-week phase between ovulation …

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