Jumping to conclusions: Why we do it and how to avoid it

woman jumping to conclusion

Jumping to conclusions is a cognitive distortion or a cognitive bias whereby a person reaches an unwarranted conclusion based on minimal information. Humans are jumping to conclusion machines prone to making quick judgements that are often wrong. Humans jump to conclusions using heuristics or mental shortcuts based on rules of thumb, emotion, experience, and memory …

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How to validate someone (The right way)

how to validate someone

Humans are ultra-social species who crave validation from each other. Social validation is the glue that keeps human relationships together. Put simply, being validated means being acknowledged, and being invalided means being dismissed. Before we can discuss how to validate someone, it’s important to realize that humans seek validation in several areas. Most experts focus …

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How to find your purpose (5 Easy steps)

finding purpose

Countless books have been written on how to find your purpose. It’s among the most asked questions in self-help, therapy, and counseling areas. In this article, we’ll explore what purpose really means and how to find what your purpose is. As many wise people have pointed out, purpose isn’t something out there waiting to be …

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How to stop ruminating (The right way)

man ruminating

To learn how to stop ruminating, we first need to understand what rumination is. Rumination is repetitive thinking accompanied by a low mood. To understand repetitive thinking, we need to understand what thinking is. Mainly, we think to solve problems. Logically, what should happen when we’re unable to solve a problem? We should think it …

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4 Main problem-solving strategies

problem solving

In Psychology, you get to read about a ton of therapies. It’s mind-boggling how different theorists have looked at human nature differently and have come up with different, often somewhat contradictory, theoretical approaches. Yet, you can’t deny the kernel of truth that’s there in all of them. All therapies, despite being different, have one thing …

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How to get your life together (Step by step)

getting your life together featured

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overburdened?Do you want to reorganize your life? We’ve all been there. I’ve been there countless times myself. If only I had a dollar every time I told my close friends that I wanted to get my life together. In this article, I want to share with you what I’ve learned …

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Why the power of thoughts gets exaggerated

power of thoughts

Countless books have been written on the power of thoughts to shape reality. Motivational speakers and spiritual gurus keep reminding people of the importance of thoughts, particularly positive thoughts. The idea is that if you think positive thoughts, positive things happen to you. And if you think negative thoughts, negative things happen to you. The …

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Why intrapersonal intelligence matters

woman thinking

Why is it that some people can learn from their experiences, change, and become better individuals while others cannot? I’m sure many people you meet are essentially the same person they were a few years ago. They still think the same thoughts, have the same habits, responses, and reactions. But why? It’s probably because they …

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Assertiveness vs aggressiveness

being aggressive vs being assertive

When people are wronged, they commonly react in two ways. Either they react non-assertively and submissively, or they react aggressively and dominantly. Being non-assertive means you’re passive about your situation and don’t seek to remedy it in any way. Your desire to not offend others comes in the way of standing up for yourself. Aggressiveness, …

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