How to stop overthinking

overthinking woman

In order to stop overthinking, we need to understand why we think in the first place. After that, we can begin to explore why this process goes into overdrive and what can be done to overcome it. In the first half of the 20th century, behaviourists dominated the field of Psychology. They believed that behaviour …

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How to overcome loneliness

lonely guy

I frequently come across social media posts by people asking how to overcome loneliness. So I decided to finally tackle this topic. Loneliness is an emotional state that one experiences when they perceive themselves to be isolated from other people. Loneliness is painful and the person experiencing loneliness often shows signs of depression. However, loneliness …

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16 Leadership styles and techniques

autocratic leadership technique

Leadership styles and techniques are the various ways in which leaders in a social setting, such as a business or a political organization, interact with their followers and make decisions. Typically, a leader utilizes a combination of different leadership techniques depending on the situation and the goals of the organization. Imagine you’re an employee who …

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Conflict management in the workplace (key ideas)

Why do conflicts arise? What can we do to maximize the positive outcomes of conflict? And what can we do to minimize the negative outcomes of conflict? These are some of the important questions that conflict management seeks to answer. To understand conflict management, you have to start with the obvious fact that humans are …

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How to answer multiple choice questions

This article will discuss how to answer multiple choice questions using psychology-related concepts. I have appeared in numerous multiple-choice type tests over the course of my educational career. When you do the same thing over and over you understand new things about it or at least look at it in a different way.  I noticed …

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