What upsets a sociopath? 5 Ways to win

sociopath arrested

Sociopaths are antisocial people who’re willing to harm others for selfish gain. They show a chronic pattern of antisocial behaviors and are likely to become criminals. Sociopathy emerges in early childhood, suggesting it has more to do with genes than the environment. Also, there have been cases of acquired sociopathy after damage to specific brain …

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27 Characteristics of a cheating woman

cheating woman characteristics

When two people enter a romantic relationship, they have certain expectations from each other. In most romantic relationships, each partner wants to be the exclusive recipient of the other partner’s love and intimacy. When one partner breaks this rule and diverts their love and intimacy to a third person, they’re said to have cheated. Of …

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High conflict personality (An in-depth guide)

high conflict personality

We can broadly classify people into three types based on how they approach conflicts: 1. Conflict avoidants These are people who try to avoid all conflicts. This is generally a poor strategy and shows weakness. 2. Neutral personalities People who only pick conflicts that are worth picking. They understand some battles are worth fighting and …

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11 Masculine woman traits to know about

masculine woman traits

Masculinity and femininity exist on a spectrum. While most men are masculine, there are some that have feminine tendencies and some that are ultra-masculine. Similarly, most women are feminine, some have masculine tendencies and some are ultra-feminine. Levels of masculinity and femininity, like sexual orientation, are set before birth. Long story short, how masculine or …

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16 Signs of low intelligence

signs of low intelligence

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy spending time with people who’re smarter than me. To do this, I have to actively scan my social circle for low intelligence people and limit my association with them. So I thought an article that lists the major signs of low intelligence would be a nice idea. …

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False humility: 5 Reasons for faking humility

false humility

Humility can be defined as being free from pride and arrogance. Society values humility as a personality trait. Hence, people have an incentive to display humility to be seen as valuable by others. This leads some to display humility when, in fact, they don’t really feel humble. False humility is displaying humility when you’ve got …

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Who are emotionally secure people? (Definition & theory)

calm sign

Emotional security can be defined as a state of calmness that doesn’t get overwhelmed by negative emotions. Emotionally secure people can handle situations that can shake the emotional balance of emotionally insecure people. They have good emotional self-control. Emotional security and emotional stability are synonymous terms. The opposite of this tendency is neuroticism. Those scoring …

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Who are deep thinkers, and how do they think?

man deep thinking

When we need to make decisions or solve problems, we use two types of thinking. The first is subconscious, fast, and intuitive thinking (System 1) and the other is conscious, analytical, and deliberate thinking (System 2). All of us use both rational and intuitive thinking, but some of us lean more on the intuitive side …

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Understanding people who put you down

people who put you down

This article will not only focus on understanding people who put you down but also on how to identify them. There are few things worse in life than accomplishing something amazing, sharing it with your loved ones in the expectation that they’ll be excited too, but realizing they don’t really share your joy. In fact, …

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What makes some people so nosey

All of us have had to deal with nosey people at some point in our lives. Noseyness is when someone whom we don’t want to interfere in our life does so. This unsolicited interference often manifests as questions and comments relating to our personal matters such as our health, career, and relationships. Think about how you …

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