Subtle passive aggressive behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is subtle and so can be difficult to detect, understand, and change. Let’s look at how a typical passive-aggressive person behaves, and then we can attempt to understand it. Jane had a troubled relationship with almost everyone in her life. She never really got along with her parents, always disliked her younger sister, …

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Why are people control freaks?

control key

Why are some people overly controlling?What causes someone to be a control freak? This article will explore the psychology of controlling people, how fear makes people controlling, and how the behavior of control freaks might change. But first, I want to introduce you to Angela. Angela’s mother was a total control freak. It seemed like …

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How birth order shapes personality

birth order traits and personality

Birth order is one of the strongest factors that influence the type of personality traits we develop. Birth order means the position that we hold among our siblings in accordance with the time of our birth. You might be, for example, the first-born (eldest child), the second-born (middle child), the last-born (youngest child) or the only child …

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