Why are people control freaks?

control key

Why are some people overly controlling?What causes someone to be a control freak? This article will explore the psychology of controlling people, how fear makes people controlling, and how the behavior of control freaks might change. But first, I want to introduce you to Angela. Angela’s mother was a total control freak. It seemed like …

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Psychology behind clumsiness

This article will explore the psychology behind clumsiness and why people fall or drop things when they’re clumsy. Of course, there can be purely physical reasons behind why a person falls or drops things. For instance, tripping over something. In this article, my focus will be on the purely psychological reasons behind such behavior. As …

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Why haters hate the way they hate

All of us have been on the receiving end of hatred at some point in our lives. No matter how nice you think you are, I’m sure you’ve got some haters too- haters that you know of and haters that you don’t know of, at least not yet. In this article, we explore the psychology of haters. Hatred and psychological pain …

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Why personality tests don’t work

Personality tests are found almost everywhere on the internet these days but do they really work? While some of them may be a bit credible, others that tell you that your fingernails can tell a lot about you are just plain stupid. People with a decent level of self-understanding rarely go for such tests. Although, sometimes …

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How birth order shapes personality

birth order traits and personality

Birth order is one of the strongest factors that influence the type of personality traits we develop. Birth order means the position that we hold among our siblings in accordance with the time of our birth. You might be, for example, the first-born (eldest child), the second-born (middle child), the last-born (youngest child) or the only child …

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How our past experiences shape our personality

This article will discuss the concept of core beliefs and how our past experiences shape our personality. Our beliefs and needs are the strongest factors that govern our behavior. Ultimately, it all comes down to beliefs because a need is also a belief- a belief that we lack something. When we’re born, our brains aren’t fully developed. …

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Why are some people so selfish?

why are people selfish

Why are some people so selfish? Is selfishness a virtue or a vice? Is it good or is it evil? If you’re ambivalent about selfishness then you’re not alone. Selfishness has baffled philosophers and social scientists- many of whom have endlessly debated whether or not selfishness is a good thing. The main reason why selfishness …

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Understanding the psychology of stinginess

stingy woman

Stinginess is the opposite of generosity. While a generous person gives freely- often finding giving a pleasurable activity, a stingy person withholds and finds giving hard and uncomfortable. Though stinginess is commonly associated with money, it manifests in other areas too. Stingy people find it hard to give or lend money to others. They take …

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Oversensitive people (10 Key traits)

Over-sensitivity is a personality trait in which a person is extremely sensitive to influences from the external environment. An oversensitive person is overly affected by the environmental stimuli that would hardly have an impact on others. An oversensitive person basically processes sensory information more deeply than other people. It has been estimated that over-sensitive people …

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