Understanding personality

10 Characteristics of oversensitive people

Over-sensitivity is a personality trait in which a person is extremely sensitive to influences from the external environment. An oversensitive person is overly affected by the environmental stimuli that would hardly have an impact on others. An oversensitive person basically processes sensory information more deeply than other people. It has been estimated that over-sensitive people […]

What is a narcissistic person? Identifying narcissists

What is a narcissistic person? How do you identify and deal with narcissists? Narcissism is a psychological condition in which a person develops an exaggerated sense of self-worth. A narcissist is obsessed with himself and considers himself more superior, important, special and worthy than those around him. He is in love with himself, excessively. Identifying […]

What causes perfectionism, and why it can be bad?

In this article, we’ll explore what causes perfectionism and the harms of perfectionism. A perfectionist is a person who strives for flawlessness and sets excessively high and unrealistic performance standards for himself. A perfectionist wants to do things perfectly and anything ‘less than perfect’ or ‘almost perfect’ is considered by him a failure. While perfectionism […]

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