What is laziness, and why are people lazy?

what is laziness yawning woman

Laziness is an unwillingness to spend energy. It is an unwillingness to do a task we perceive to be difficult or uncomfortable. This article will attempt to explain what laziness is and try to penetrate the mystery of its origins. You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that people are lazy by nature, and it’s true to quite …

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Who is a narcissistic person, and how to identify one?

What is a narcissistic person? How do you identify and deal with narcissists? Narcissism, one of the three dark traits of personality, is a psychological condition in which a person develops an exaggerated sense of self-worth. A narcissist is obsessed with himself and considers himself more superior, important, special and worthy than those around him. …

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The psychology of people who show off

man showing off

Why do people show off? What drives them to behave in a way that often makes others cringe? This article sheds light on the main reasons behind showing off. We all know people in our social group who like to show off. On the surface, they may seem cool, superior, and admirable because of what …

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Psychology of an arrogant person

arrogant woman at work

Jim was an employee at a sales company who had joined recently. He behaved normally with everyone and no one could ever label him as ‘arrogant’. After two months- to everyone’s surprise- he started behaving in an arrogant manner. He primarily directed his arrogance toward his juniors, whom he used to treat kindly before. What …

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The root cause of perfectionism

what causes perfectionism bull's eye

In this article, we’ll explore the potential dangers of perfectionism and its root cause. We’ll also go over some ideas on how to overcome perfectionism and the downside of not caring about perfection. A perfectionist is a person who strives for flawlessness. They set excessively high and unrealistic performance standards for themselves. A perfectionist wants …

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What makes a person stubborn

stubborn person

Have you ever wondered why some people are so stubborn? What causes stubbornness in people? Stubbornness is a personality trait in which a person refuses to change their opinion about something or refuses to change their mind about a decision that they’ve made. Stubborn people have a resolute adherence to their own ideas and opinions. …

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Importance of assertiveness and how to be assertive

This article will introduce the concept of assertiveness and explain why many people are non-assertive by default. Later, we’ll talk about the importance of assertiveness and how to be more assertive. Assertiveness is the skill of expressing how you feel and asking for what you want without being aggressive. It is an ability to defend …

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Overcoming inferiority complex

inferiority complex

Before we can talk about overcoming inferiority complex, it’s important that we understand how and why the feelings of inferiority arise in the first place. In short, inferiority feelings motivate us to compete with members of our social group. Feelings of inferiority make a person feel bad because they find themselves in a disadvantaged position …

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