Understanding shame

understanding shame

This article will help you in understanding shame, carried over shame, and why people feel ashamed because of others (second-hand shame). Shame is an emotion that is experienced when a person thinks that their dignity and worthiness got lowered somehow. A person who feels shame thinks that there’s something wrong with them and therefore feeling …

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How not to get embarrassed easily

Before we can discuss what makes people feel embarrassed and how to get over embarrassment, I want you to consider the following scenarios involving two college students- Mohit and Rohit: Scenario 1 Mohit was attending a lecture. After the lecture was over, the professor asked Mohit to stand up and answer a question. Though it …

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Understanding fear

This article will help you in understanding fear, where it comes from, and the psychology of irrational fears. Key ideas for overcoming fear are also ideas. Sajid was strolling in the woods in peace, far away from the din of his city. It was a quiet, serene ambiance and he loved every minute of this …

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Why do we love someone?

couple in love

Why do we love someone? Why do we fall in love with anything at all? The emotion of love is the opposite of the emotion of hatred. While hatred is an emotion that motivates us to avoid pain, love is an emotion that motivates us to seek happiness or rewards. Our mind triggers the emotion of love …

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What causes hatred in people?

powerlessness causes hatred

In this article, we’ll explore the nature of hatred, causes of hatred, and how a hater’s mind works. Hatred is an emotion we experience when we feel someone or something is a threat to our happiness, success, and well-being. The feelings of hatred are there to motivate us to move away or avoid the people …

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Why do people get jealous?

woman being jealous

Have you experienced feelings of jealousy before?Why do people get jealous sometimes?What factors give rise to jealousy? Aqib and Saqib were two classmates in an engineering college. After graduation, Aqib desperately searched for a job for months but couldn’t find one. He started to doubt his ability to ever finding a decent job. One day Aqib …

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Psychology of anxiety

This article will discuss the psychology of anxiety and social anxiety. Social anxiety is a common type of anxiety that people experience. To understand it requires the understanding of the basic concept of anxiety. When worry becomes more real than a passing thought and gets mixed with fear and a sense of loss of control, a person …

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What causes guilt?

This article will explore what causes guilt and throw light on the all-important concept of accumulated or carried over guilt. Guilt is an emotion that we experience when we do something that we consider to be ‘wrong’. Our perceptions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ comprise our values so when we do something that goes against our important values, …

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