What do the seated legs and feet gestures reveal

The leg and feet gestures can provide the most accurate clues to someone’s mental state. The more a body part is located away from the brain, the less aware we are of what it is doing and the less control we have over its unconscious movements. In fact, the leg and feet gestures can sometimes tell you what …

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Body language: Sitting and standing with legs crossed

sitting and standing with legs crossed

Sitting and standing with legs crossed, like crossing the arms, indicates a fundamentally defensive attitude. While arm-crossing is a subconscious attempt by a person to protect his vital organs- the heart and the lungs, crossing the legs is an attempt to protect the genitals. Of course, crossing the legs seems like a silly and ineffective way to …

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Body language: Men’s crotch display

When it comes to attraction, males and females use different signals to display their attractive qualities.  Female courtship signals primarily involve displaying beauty and submissiveness. On the other hand, male courtship signals involve a display of wealth, status, and dominance. One way in which men display dominance is by displaying their crotch. I know it sounds weird …

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What causes nail-biting? (Body language)

nail biting

Why do people engage in nail-biting? What does the nail-biting gesture show? Is it simply because they’ve grown too long? What’s the nail-cutter for then? While nail-biting may have several causes, this article will look at what causes nail-biting gesture in people from the perspective of body language. We’ll also look at some other similar behaviors that …

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Adult thumb sucking and putting things in the mouth

We’re used to seeing babies sucking their thumbs as it’s their typical behaviour but what makes adults do the same thing? What’s behind adult thumb sucking and why do they put things in their mouths? Laila, an accountant working in a sales company, was auditing accounts when suddenly she put a finger in her mouth, …

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Positive and negative evaluation gestures

Positive evaluation gestures When we see or hear something positive, or at least perceive it to be as positive, we might do what are known as the positive evaluation gestures. I won’t be discussing the obvious positive evaluation gestures such as smiling, excessive eye contact, clapping, etc. but my focus will be on the lesser-known gestures that you’re likely …

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