Kleptomania test: 10 Items


Kleptomania (from Greek kleptein = “to steal” + mania = “madness”) is a rare mental health condition in which a person feels compelled to steal. A kleptomaniac feels a recurring, uncontrollable urge to steal.

After indulging in the urge, a kleptomaniac feels relieved.

Kleptomania has been classified as an impulse control disorder. It probably stems from some brain deficit in a kleptomaniac, or it may be a learned addictive behavior. The exact cause is unknown.

Since kleptomania arises from a lack of impulse control, it is correlated with other mental health conditions involving poor impulse control, such as OCD, eating disorders, and substance abuse disorders.

Kleptomania vs. regular theft

A regular theft is usually motivated by some selfish end or emotion. A person may steal something they need or steal out of anger or revenge.

This is not the case with kleptomania.

Kleptomaniacs steal things they don’t even need. They steal things they can easily afford. This is what makes the condition curious and interesting.

Kleptomaniacs know that stealing is wrong but can’t seem to help themselves.

Taking the kleptomaniac test

This test consists of 10 items on a 2-point scale of Agree and Disagree. It’s not meant to be a formal diagnosis but only gives you the probability of having kleptomania. The symptoms of kleptomania overlap with other disorders, so it requires a proper diagnosis.

Your results are 100% confidential, and we don’t store them in our database.

Kleptomania test

1. I experience the urge to steal.

2. If I try to fight the impulse to steal, I experience considerable distress.

3. I don't value or need the things that I steal.

4. I feel strong tension and anticipation before stealing.

5. I am thrilled when I'm stealing.

6. I feel great relief from tension after the theft.

7. After the theft, I feel guilt, shame, or stress.

8. I don’t feel deterred by the consequences of stealing, such as arrest or jail time.

9. When I steal, it's spontaneous and never planned.

10. I steal alone and with no one else's help.