Symptoms of BPD in females (Test)


People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can experience the mental health condition differently. Yet, there’s a considerable overlap of symptoms in men and women. Men and women are more similar in showing symptoms of BPD than they are different.

Despite the overlap, some critical differences exist between how men and women experience BPD.

If you’re a woman looking for a quick and accurate BPD test, then taking a test tailored for women with BPD is a good idea.

BPD symptoms in females test

This test consists of 10 items, each with Agree and Disagree options. Almost all the questions are based on how women experience BPD. Note that this test isn’t meant to be a diagnosis but a quick check of the probability of having BPD.

Symptoms of BPD in females test

1. I experience intense and long-lasting emotions in my relationships.

2. When I think that someone is abandoning me, it triggers unbearable anxiety.

3. I show symptoms of PTSD, like trauma-related flashbacks and nightmares.

4. I suffer from an eating disorder.

5. I can recognize facial expressions, especially fear, easily.

6. I find it hard to overcome my disturbed or negative self-image.

7. I can be highly neurotic at times.

8. I’ve been physically and/or sexually abused in the past.

9. My relationships tend to be highly unstable.

10. I'm bad at communicating with and comforting infants.