‘Am I still in love?’ quiz


You’ve been in a good relationship for a while. The honeymoon phase is over, and the relationship has started to stabilize. While you may feel safe and secure with your partner, you may still face ups and downs in your relationship.

During the downs, you’re likely to have doubts about the relationship.

After all, the relationship isn’t as intense as it used to be. There’s more calm than excitement in the relationship. It’s easy to doubt your relationship at this stage during rough patches.

How can you tell whether your doubts are legitimate or you’re simply finding it hard to cope with the evolution of your relationship?

One way to resolve your feelings of doubt is to check whether you’re still in love with your partner.

Some things become a part of the relationship only after you reach a particular stage. When you reach that point in your relationship and have those things intact, you know you still love your partner.

Taking the ‘Am I still in love?’ quiz

This quiz is meant for those who’ve been in a long-term relationship for a while (more than six months). It consists of 15 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree.

While answering, keep in mind the current state of your relationship, not how things were during the honeymoon phase.

Am I still in love quiz

1. You two are very much involved in each other's lives.

2. You repeatedly play back the pleasant memories you have of them.

3. Your conflicts have a significant negative impact on you.

4. When you have something to share, you immediately think of them.

5. You're constantly trying to improve your relationship.

6. With them, you genuinely feel like a better person.

7. They're constantly in the back of your mind, even when you're doing other things.

8. You continue to imagine a future with them.

9. You two empathize with each other deeply.

10. With your partner, you experience fulfillment and overall contentment.

11. You engage in honest, open, and deep conversations.

12. You have complete trust in each other.

13. You don't feel compelled to be with each other all the time.

14. You don't harbor resentment over disagreements.

15. You make time for each other.