Misanthropy test (18 Items, instant results)


The word misanthropy comes from the Greek misein, meaning “to hate” and anthropos, meaning “man”.

Misanthropy is, therefore, ‘hatred of mankind’.

However, not all misanthropes hate humanity.

A more appropriate definition of misanthropy would be ‘a general dislike and distrust of humanity’. In some cases, the dislike turns into hatred.

Misanthropy isn’t disliking individuals or groups of people but humanity as a whole. Misanthropes detest the flaws in human nature. Flaws such as:

  • Selfishness
  • Greed
  • Jealousy
  • Stupidity
  • Unfairness
  • Untrustworthiness
  • Lack of consideration

Hatred is an emotion that motivates us to avoid what makes us hateful. We can say the same for dislike, a milder version of hatred. Since misanthropes dislike people, they tend to avoid them.

What causes misanthropy?

Short answer: Human nature.

It’s undeniable that human nature has flaws. Misanthropes detest those flaws and think they’re somehow above those flaws. But this is impossible because misanthropes are human too.

This indicates there’s some superiority complex at play in misanthropy. Sure, humans have bad qualities. But they have good qualities too. A realistic person appreciates that.

A misanthrope, on the other hand, seems over-focused on human negativity.

Misanthropists might have been raised to have high expectations of humanity (belief in a good true self) and were massively let down by people.

A realistic person accepts human flaws and moves on. A misanthropist continues to dwell on human shortcomings to meet their need for superiority and uniqueness or to deal with the trauma of being let down by others.

Is misanthropy a personality disorder?

Although misanthropy is not a disorder per se, constant disdain and disgust for humanity can make a person feel isolated and disconnected. Being social species, connection and acceptance are our basic needs.

Taking the misanthropy test

This test consists of 18 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. If you believe you’re a misanthrope, some of these questions may cause you to get defensive.

The test is anonymous, and we don’t store your results in our database. Only you can see your results. So, answer as truthfully as you can.

Misanthropy test

1. I detest human drama.

2. I generally dislike other people.

3. My social circle is either very small or non-existent.

4. I hate social occasions like parties and reunions.

5. I mock other people's mistakes and failures.

6. The earth would be better off after a global catastrophe that wipes out the human race.

7. I have more common sense than those around me.

8. People can't handle my blunt honesty.

9. I have no patience for ignorant people.

10. The idea of fitting into my culture feels absurd.

11. I tend to view myself as somehow distinct from the majority of the human species.

12. Others are merely going through the motions and following a script.

13. I do not expect anything good from people by default.

14. I think animals are better than humans.

15. I can spot negative tendencies in people and steer clear of them.

16. I feel no need to impress people.

17. I experience feelings of disconnection from society.

18. To get along with others, I need to act "normal" and it's exhausting.