Top 7 motivational rock songs to keep you motivated


It’s a well-known fact of human behaviour that beliefs become stronger by repetition. Even if a statement wasn’t a belief initially, it can get converted into one if we get exposed to it enough number of times.

Beliefs are nothing but memories of the past. If you recall your past memories, you’ll realize that you remember events associated with an emotion much more strongly. Songs are rhythmic and elicit emotion in you. This is a perfect recipe for a solid memory.

A song not only elicits emotion but sends you its message repeatedly. Due to this, your mind is very likely to alter its belief system so that it matches the message in the song.

Motivational rock songs have strong, positive messages in them and hearing such songs will definitely keep your belief system healthy and provide you with the right kind of attitude to face the ever-increasing life challenges.

7) Indestructible – Disturbed

Disturbed is easily one of my favourite bands. Almost all the songs that I’ve heard from Disturbed are good. The lead vocalist’s voice is just sick and it’s amazing the types of songs he can pull off.

6) Under The Knife – Rise Against

I stumbled on this song while I was searching for a track I had heard in the movie Never Back Down. I was surprised that I hadn’t paid attention to this brilliant track from the same movie.

5) No Giving Up – Crossfade

Powerful lyrics reminding the importance of never giving up, even if you’ve given everything you got. The tune is very catchy too.

4) Hater – Korn

A slap in the face of haters who try to bring you down. Though originally written about bullying, it is the ultimate response to all kinds of haters out there hell-bent to watch you fall.

3) Stand Up And Fight – Turisas

The lyrics are gold and relatable to everyone who’s struggling in any way in life and is on the brink of quitting. This song will pull you back from the abyss of hopelessness.

2) Hungry – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

Perfect workout song. This will turn you into a beast, guaranteed. 

1) Sticks & Bricks – A Day To Remember

If you can’t get motivated by this song, there’s nothing that can motivate you. The best thing about this song is how it fuels motivation through anger.