Toxic parents test: Are your parents toxic?


While any family member can be toxic, parental toxicity is the most prevalent and damaging to an individual. Parental toxicity is characterized by a persistent pattern of toxic interactions where the victim is subjected to physical or psychological abuse.

In short, any parental behavior that harms you in any way is toxic behavior.

When parents are toxic, they refuse to give autonomy and independence to the child. All their behaviors revolve around the common theme of non-acceptance. They reject the child’s individuality and identity. Healthy parenting, in contrast, is characterized by openness and acceptance of who the child is or wishes to be.

Taking the toxic parents test

Families differ in their levels of parental toxicity. Sometimes, one parent is more toxic than the other. In worst-case scenarios, both parents are highly toxic. This quiz is based on the patterns that are repeatedly observed in toxic families.

There are a total of 25 items with options ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. Answer each item honestly and how it applies to both your parents. This is a combined parental toxicity test which means you need to think of both your parents when doing the test. If an item applies only to one of your parents, answer it accordingly, irrespective of the other parent.

This test is not meant for children but for those who’re teenagers or have crossed their teenage years. Your answers are not recorded in our database, nor shared with anyone.

Toxic parents test

1. My parents have hit me or used physical pain to discipline me more than once.

2. My parents criticize my physical appearance.

3. My parents made hurtful statements to me such as “You’re a loser” or “You won't amount to anything.”

4. I feel I have to walk on eggshells around my parents to avoid setting them off.

5. My parents have threatened to disown me or hurt me for my choices?

6. I have contemplated leaving home more than once because of my parents.

7. My parents treat me poorly when they're in a bad mood.

8. I feel uncomfortable approaching my parents with my problems?

9. My parents overreact to minor things and blame me even when it's not my fault.

10. My parents invade my privacy and snoop through my personal things.

11. My parents didn't appreciate my successes as much as I wanted them to.

12. My parents made key decisons for me and paid no heed to my preferences or opinions.

13. I feel like, as a child, my parents burdened me with more responsibilities than I could handle.

14. I hide my true intentions, emotions, and opinions from my parents.

15. My parents compare me to my friends, siblings, and relatives.

16. I feel I cannot open up to my parents.

17. I have a hard time saying "No" to my parents.

18. I've changed decisions or canceled plans because I thought a parent wouldn't approve of them.

19. When I make mistakes, my parents make me feel bad about them.

20. I feel like my parents never gave me any room to be independent. They did everything for me.

21. I still have feelings of anger and resentment towards my parents from my childhood.

22. I feel compelled to constantly please my parents and other people.

23. My parents still treat me like a child sometimes.

24. I have dreamt about my parents being toxic towards me more than once.

25. My parents criticize my decisions, even though there's nothing there to criticize.