‘Am I emotionally damaged?’ Quiz (20 Items)

When people refer to someone as ‘damaged’, they usually mean ’emotionally damaged’. Emotionally damaged people have experienced a lot of hurt, pain, and trauma that has significantly impacted their lives.

Their damage is reflected in how they think, talk, and behave. They may have no physical ailments but suffer from a lack of emotional well-being.

Taking the ‘Am I emotionally damaged?’ Quiz

This test consists of 20 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. It measures your overall emotional damage and not a specific disorder or a mental health condition.

Your results are only shown to you, and we don’t store them in our database.

'Am I emotionally damaged?' Quiz

1. I distance myself from friends and family.

2. I'm emotionally detached; I have difficulty feeling and expressing emotions.

3. I experience frequent and intense mood swings.

4. I have low self-esteem.

5. I have trust issues.

6. I avoid people, places, and situations that trigger painful memories or emotions.

7. My sleep pattern is disturbed.

8. I have symptoms of anxiety and depression.

9. I get intrusive thoughts and flashbacks about painful past events.

10. I have difficulty coping with change.

11. I constantly blame myself.

12. I have sudden and intense emotional outbursts.

13. I always strive to do things perfectly.

14. I find it hard to set boundaries in relationships.

15. I often escape from reality and my emotions by indulging in pleasurable activities.

16. I get recurring nightmares.

17. I engage in self-sabotaging behaviors.

18. I feel detached from myself, and the world seems unreal.

19. I have difficulty asking for help and communicating my needs to others.

20. I tend to neglect my physical health and hygiene.