Autism spectrum test (For adults)


Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which a person experiences difficulty expressing themselves and navigating social interactions. 

The condition develops very early in life (2-3 years), but many people go undiagnosed because the symptoms can be confusing and sometimes overlap with normal behavior.

3 Main symptoms of autism

ASD is characterized by several symptoms that can be clustered under three main symptoms or dimensions:

  1. Fixations
  2. Communication issues
  3. Anxiety

The more a person expresses these symptoms simultaneously, the more likely they’re autistic. As the term “spectrum” suggests, people vary in the severity and quantity of autistic symptoms.

Some can function well in society, while others require help managing their autistic symptoms.

Taking the Autism Spectrum Test

This test is meant for adults who believe they have autistic traits. It’ll give you a total score and a score on each of the three dimensions. It is not meant to be a diagnosis. 

The test contains 30 items on a 4-point scale ranging from Very often to Never. You take the test anonymously- results are only shown to you and not stored in our database.

Autism spectrum test

1. I have special interests that I have to pursue for my well-being.

2. People have told me I'm obsessive about my interests.

3. I feel I must stick to certain routines and habits.

4. I gather a lot of information on the topics I find interesting.

5. I tend to avoid unfamiliar things.

6. I prefer doing things the same way over and over.

5. I tend to avoid unfamiliar things.

7. I get so absorbed in one thing that I lose sight of other things.

8. If my daily routine is interrupted, I get upset.

9. I've been told that I go on and on about the same thing.

10. I've been told that I keep doing the same action over and over.

11. I tend to speak in short bursts.

12. I have difficulty understanding metaphors, subtexts of words, and nonverbal cues.

13. I've been told that I speak too loudly or softly.

14. I come across as rude in conversations even though I think I'm being polite.

15. I find it hard to keep a conversation going.

16. I'm the last to understand a joke.

17. I can't tell how someone's feeling just by looking at their face.

18. I'm bad at social chitchat.

19. I find it hard to figure out people's intentions.

20. I've been told that I have an odd posture.

21. I get anxious in novel social situations.

22. I tend to avoid eye contact with others.

23. Having to navigate uncertain situations irritates me.

24. I carry a special object in my pocket that comforts me.

25. I hate talking to people I don't know.

26. I'm drawn more to things or solitary activities than to people.

27. I engage in excessive blinking or twitching.

28. I can't sit still without fidgeting.

29. I rock myself and or fiddle with my hands to calm my anxiety.

30. I am highly sensitive to noise, abnormal temperatures, and other extreme stimuli.