Childhood trauma questionnaire for adults


Trauma can be caused by any negative, life-threatening experience. People can be traumatized by other people, accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, political unrest, and the like. Childhood trauma is especially damaging because the minds of young children are highly impressionable.

Since young children spend most of their time with their parents, most people have been traumatized by their parents in some way. The effects of childhood trauma last well into adulthood and, if not properly managed, can cause significant problems in all life areas.

Attempting the questionnaire

Childhood trauma can lead to a range of effects- from impaired stress regulation to relationship problems. This questionnaire attempts to cover as many effects as possible. It starts by asking you questions about your childhood and then segues to the adult effects of your childhood trauma.

This childhood trauma questionnaire consists of 18 items. Options for each item range from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. It takes less than 3 minutes to finish the test. No personal information will be collected and your results won’t be stored in our database.

Welcome to your Childhood trauma questionnaire

1. I've experienced abuse (physical/emotional/sexual) in my childhood that impacted me severely.

2. I've experienced a serious illness in my childhood that affected me a great deal.

3. I was involved in a major accident in my childhood that was very traumatizing.

4. I was a victim of a major natural disaster in my childhood.

5. My parents had a major clash or got separated during my childhood.

6. I feel there was a lack of adequate and consistent love and care in our family.

7. I feel like my parents never really accepted me and my choices in life.

8. My parents were overly critical, called me names, blamed me, and consistently put me down.

9. I feel like I can't openly communicate with my parents.

10. Certain people, places, and things trigger fear and anxiety in me.

11. I frequently avoid certain people, places, and things.

12. When I'm alone, my self-talk becomes harsh and very critical.

13. I get flashbacks of my negative past experiences.

14. When I'm in a romantic relationship, I constantly worry my partner will leave me.

15. I tend to cope with stress in unhealthy ways.

16. My stress reactions to even mild inconveniences are disproportionately large.

17. I get recurring nightmares about the negative childhood experiences I've been through.

18. I often talk about my childhood traumas as soon as I get comfortable with someone.