Covert narcissist test (25 Items)


Narcissism is having an exaggerated sense of self-importance and thinking you’re superior to others. Narcissists tend to only care about themselves and lack empathy. Most people have a mix of narcissistic and empathic traits.

Narcissism is of two types:

  1. Overt
  2. Covert

Overt narcissists are people who openly display their narcissism. They’re usually extroverted, have high self-esteem, and are the loudest person in the room.

Covert/vulnerable narcissists also aim to be superior to others, but they accomplish this goal in a subtle, socially adept manner. They have a core shame wound that they’re trying to overcompensate for with their narcissism.

Taking the covert narcissism test

This test consists of 25 items on a 3-point scale ranging from Agree to Disagree. It requires a high degree of self-awareness and honesty. 

Warning: Some questions may come across as attacking.

This is an entirely anonymous test; your results aren’t stored or shared with anyone.

Covert narcissist test

1. I believe that I already have enough on my plate and don't need to bother about other people's problems.

2. People who come to me with their troubles tend to annoy me.

3. My feelings are easily hurt by ridicule, rejection, or criticism.

4. I often take things personally.

5. Defeat and disappointment usually shame or anger me, but I try not to show it.

6. I provoke others to appear adversarial, even though I am the one who is more contentious.

7. I have thin skin when it comes to suggestions about change.

8. I assume the role of a victim at the drop of a hat, making excuses and blaming others.

9. In groups, I retain a subtle smugness.

10. I can hold a grudge for a long time.

11. I think of myself as a misunderstood, unique person.

12. I tend to be stubborn and dogmatic.

13. I’m deeply afraid of having my flaws or failures seen by others.

14. I often take other people's comments, ideas, and feelings for granted.

15. I have a habit of engaging in passive-aggressive behaviors.

16. My apologies are often insincere.

17. I am obsessed with my reputation.

18. I am not genuinely interested in anyone

19. I resent giving and have a win-lose mentality.

20. I am super competitive.

21. I devalue myself to fish for compliments.

22. I can’t take jokes and criticism but have no problems joking about others.

23. I occasionally have power and revenge related fantasies.

24. I'm highly sensitive to what others think of me.

25. I often get too busy with myself, neglecting the people in my life.