Dreaming of being chased and failing in an exam

This article will discuss two common dreams that people have i.e. dreaming of being chased and dreaming of failing in an exam.

We all have our unique dream symbols the meaning of which can be understood in the light of our own belief systems but there also exist some dreams that are common to a majority of the human beings.

This is because there are some life experiences that are experienced by most of us irrespective of our culture or ethnicity such as going to school, taking tests, falling down, etc.

It is on account of these similar experiences and other universal symbols that there exist dreams that are common in human beings of all cultures and all nationalities.

Being chased by a dangerous figure

If a ghost, a dangerous animal, an enemy or any dangerous figure is chasing you in your dream then this means there is a serious problem going on in your life that has been disturbing you very much.

Pay attention to your own behaviour in these kinds of dreams. Are you running away or are you attacking your attacker? If you’re running away it means that you believe you are helpless and afraid of this current problem.

If you are fighting back, attacking or even chasing away the dangerous figure, it means that you believe you are doing your best to get rid of this issue that is bothering you.

If you see a nightmare in which a ghost is chasing you, scan your current life and find out the thing that is currently bothering you the most, let’s say finding a job.

And let’s say you haven’t been taking any serious steps to find one. Then the ghost you saw in the dream was nothing but your fear that you won’t find a job and you running away was a symbolic representation of your inaction.

Now, what if you started searching for a job day in and day out? Most probably, you won’t see such a dream again and if you do, you won’t see yourself running away from the ghost but attacking it or chasing it away.

Failing in a test/not prepared for a test

This is perhaps the most common dream that haunts not only students but also adults who have been victims of the gruelling education system. We have been taught that exams are important life challenges that we should overcome to succeed in life. So our subconscious mind uses this symbol to represent life challenges.

Seeing this dream usually means that there is an important upcoming life challenge that you are worried or anxious about.

If, in the dream, you find that you are facing some sort of a difficulty in giving the test, such as your pen isn’t working, you’re out of time, you can’t find your seat, you reach the exam hall late or you forget everything you had learned, it means that you believe you are not prepared to face this upcoming challenge in your real life, whatever it is.

For example, you might get this dream when you are about to face an important job interview that you believe you are unprepared for. Your mind used the test as a symbol to represent the job interview.

dreaming of failing an exam

When a student sees this dream, it usually means that he is unprepared for an upcoming exam. In this case, the dream is devoid of any symbolism and pretty straightforward.

Students usually get this type of dream weeks before an exam, when they haven’t prepared yet. It’s their subconscious mind alerting them that if they do not prepare any sooner, it might cause problems for them.

As soon as they start preparing, these kinds of dreams don’t occur because the message has been received. You will never hear a student saying that he dreamed about failing in a test the night before the actual exam because by that time the preparation is usually complete.

This dream can also mean that you believe you’ve failed in some way. For example, a salesman who failed to make an important sale might also see this kind of a dream.