Inferiority complex test (20 Items)


Humans are social and hierarchical species. They can’t stop comparing themselves with others to know where they lie on the social hierarchy.

When they make an upward social comparison, i.e., when they encounter someone who’s ‘above’ them or better than them in some vital way, they feel inferior.

You’ll always find someone better than you at something, no matter how good you are. So, feelings of inferiority are common. They motivate us to become better.

Inferiority complex

A person has developed an inferiority complex when they experience persistent feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. These feelings impair their lives far from being a motivation for positive change.

People with an inferiority complex are likely to suffer from:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Social anxiety
  • External locus of control (propensity to blame external vs. internal factors)
  • Superiority complex (overcompensation for inferiority)

Taking the inferiority complex test

This test consists of 20 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. It’s based on the common signs of inferiority. Your results only appear to you, and we don’t store them in our database.

Inferiority complex test

1. I have frequent feelings of insecurity, guilt, shame, and regret.

2. I make excuses to stay at home and avoid social situations.

3. I feel like I keep attracting bad luck into my life.

4. I constantly doubt my abilities.

5. I try to avoid any activity in which my abilities will be judged against those of others.

6. I feel like a failure when someone criticizes me.

7. I'm quick to assume people don't like me or want to hurt me.

8. I believe I have too many flaws.

9. I am dissatisfied with myself.

10. I feel like I don't live up to the expectations that others have of me.

11. I don't believe you can achieve what you really want.

12. To feel accomplished, I need constant validation from others.

13. I tend to put other people before me.

14. I frequently compare myself to others and get jealous.

15. I find it difficult to believe the compliments I receive.

16. I don't believe you can get good at anything with practice.

17. I feel the need to withdraw in social situations.

18. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist.

19. I'm an extremely attention-seeking individual.

20. It's hard for me to be assertive.