Scopophobia test


Scopophobia, also called scoptophobia or ophthalmophobia, is an excessive and irrational fear of being seen or stared at. It is derived from the Greek skopia, meaning ‘observation’ and phobos, meaning ‘fear’.

Scopophobia is a specific phobia of a specific social situation that may or may not be a part of social anxiety or social phobia. Social anxiety is a broader concept implying a fear of social situations and interactions in general.

Often, an individual suffering from scopophobia will perceive that they’re being watched even though they are not. In addition, they ascribe mal-intent to their imaginary observers, thinking that they’re being judged negatively.

While it’s normal for humans to experience some discomfort in social situations, those with scopophobia are likely to experience intense anxiety or even panic. Hence, severe scopophobia can interfere with an individual’s daily activities.

Taking the scopophobia test

This test consists of 15 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. When answering the items, consider how you react to being watched in uncomfortable social situations.

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Scopophobia test

1. I believe it's crucial for me to take every necessary step to prevent attracting attention.

2. I constantly worry about upcoming events where I'm likely to be seen.

3. I feel compelled to leave a situation where I'm being stared at.

4. I avoid public places to prevent being seen.

5. I fear being the center of attention.

6. I've made significant changes to my lifestyle to avoid being seen by others.

7. I'm highly self-conscious and worry about being scrutinized by others.

8. I avoid social situations or activities that can trigger my anxiety.

9. I tremble, and my heart beats faster when I think I'm being watched.

10. I have difficulty making eye contact with people.

11. I am socially awkward.

12. I'm constantly scanning my environment for potential observers.

13. When others look at me they're judging me.

14. I feel ashamed when I'm looked at.

15. I constantly criticize myself and feel unworthy of being seen.