Street smart vs book smart quiz (24 Items)


Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

“Am I street smart or book smart?”
“Do I have a street-smart personality?”

If you have, today you’ll know for sure.

Smartness comes down to problem-solving. The more complex problems you can solve, the smarter you are. To be able to solve problems, you need knowledge. This knowledge can come from:

  1. Your own experiences (Street smartness)
  2. Others’ experiences, documented in books and other learning materials (Book smartness)

We all have a combination of book and street smartness. Some of us are more book smart, and others are more street smart. It’s rare to find someone who’s 100% book smart or street smart or even someone who’s 50-50, enjoying a perfect balance of book and street smartness.

Taking the street smart vs book smart quiz

This quiz will tell you the degree to which you are book smart vs. street smart. After finishing the test, you’ll receive a score for each type of smartness.

The type of smartness you score lower on is the type you need to work on.

  • If you score lower on book smartness, you need to read more books to balance it out.
  • If you score lower on street smartness, you need more hands-on experiences to hone your emotional and social skills.

The test consists of 24 items based on the differences between book-smart and street-smart people. Each item has two options: Agree and Disagree. The test is entirely confidential, and we don’t store your results in our database.

Street smart vs book smart quiz

1. My life experiences and mistakes are my main sources of knowledge.

2. I learn mainly via books and other forms of content.

3. I know how to get things done, even with limited knowledge.

4. My theoretical knowledge is often superior to my practical knowledge.

5. My survival, emotional and social skills are well-developed.

6. My cognitive abilities such as planning, logic, and reasoning are well-developed.

7. I make most decisions quickly.

8. It takes a while for me to make decisions.

9. I like taking risks.

10. I minimize risks as much as possible.

11. If I haven't experienced it, I can't comment on it.

12. If I haven't read or heard about it, I can't comment on it.

13. I feel it takes me a long time to learn things.

14. I'm a fast learner.

15. I feel trapped by structures, systems, and rules.

16. Structures, systems, and rules are essential to be effective.

17. I have trouble talking about deep, abstract concepts.

18. I like articulating and playing around with abstract concepts.

19. I don't think science is important.

20. I have high regard for science.

21. I don't care about the bigger picture of things. I just like getting things done.

22. Losing sight of the bigger picture is a huge mistake.

23. Intelligence is knowing what to do when you don't know what to do.

24. I have problems thinking on my feet when a situation calls for it.