4 Types of BPD (Test)


People experience Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) differently. While there are common symptoms that are used to diagnose BPD officially, some people with BPD lean more towards a particular set of symptoms than others.

This may be because people have different biological predispositions and temperaments.

This has led researchers to categorize BPD into different types based on clusters of symptoms that occur together. The most widely accepted classification lists the following BPD types:

  1. Impulsive BPD
  2. Discouraged/Quiet/High-functioning BPD
  3. Self-destructive BPD
  4. Petulant BPD

There’s a lot of overlap in the symptoms under these types to the point where the classification can seem meaningless. But there are enough distinct symptoms under each type to not render the classification meaningless.

You may have all the above BPD types to some degree, but one or two types usually come out as dominant.

Taking the Types of BPD test

This test consists of 70 items on a 4-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree.

The test is long because there’s a lot of overlap in the symptoms. If you’re patient and don’t mind some repetitive questions, in the end, you’ll get a score on each of the four types of BPD. That’ll help you determine your most dominant BPD type (highest score).

This test is not meant to be a diagnosis, and we don’t store your results in our database.

Types of BPD test

1. I often engage in risky behaviors like gambling and unprotected sex.

2. I often engage in aggressive behaviors like yelling and hitting things.

3. I am prone to immediate gratification behaviors such as binge eating, overspending, and substance abuse.

4. I frequently experience feelings of fear, anger, and rejection.

5. I am often irritable and chaotic.

6. People have said that I'm unreliable.

7. I am easily distracted and can't focus.

8. I can be seductive, charming, and charismatic at times.

9. I can deeply engage with some people.

10. I am prone to self-harming behaviors like cutting and burning. I also have suicidal tendencies.

11. I can often appear detached, elusive, and mysterious.

12. Most of my relationships are surface-level.

13. I tend to have lots of energy, but I'm also easily bored.

14. I am overtly attention-seeking.

15. I tend to ruin my relationships thanks to my impulsive actions.

16. I often experience extreme fears of being abandoned.

17. Fears of abandonment trigger anger and severe mood swings in me.

18. I don't know who I am and what I want.

19. I'm frequently irritable and full of rage.

20. I become easily emotionally attached.

21. I often think others are out to get me.

22. I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

23. I am prone to being a perfectionist.

24. I tend to be submissive.

25. I tend to be loyal and humble.

26. I often feel helpless and vulnerable.

27. I tend to be clingy and needy in relationships.

28. I am fairly successful. I maintain a decent level of stability in the different areas of my life.

29. I seek approval, but I also have self-isolating tendencies.

30. I indulge in intense self-loathing and self-criticism.

31. I experience chronic feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness.

32. I am prone to self-harm behaviors and suicidal ideation.

33. I have extreme sensitivity to rejection and criticism.

34. I find it difficult to control my emotions.

35. I have trust issues.

36. I'm prone to indulging in self-harming behaviors like cutting, burning, scratching, and hitting.

37. I have suicidal tendencies.

38. I can be abusive towards others.

39. I indulge in risky, adrenaline-junkie behaviors to impress others.

40. My energy levels tend to be high.

41. I don't feel like sleeping.

42. I experience feelings of euphoria.

43. I can be moody at times.

44. I indulge in a lot of self-loathing.

45. I can be overly compliant at times.

46. I tend to focus a lot on myself.

47. I tend to behave submissively.

48. Being depressed is my baseline emotional state.

49. I often sabotage my success out of feeling unworthy.

50. I frequently experience feelings of bitterness.

51. I get unpredictable mood swings.

52. I am stubborn and impatient.

53. I experience feelings of extreme anger and frustration.

54. I can be impatient with others in normal social situations.

55. I find it hard to admit it when I'm wrong.

56. I have passive-aggressive tendencies.

57. Others would describe me as pessimistic and cynical.

58. I am easily offended.

59. I feel I am unworthy of love.

60. I am often unable to express my feelings.

61. I lash out at others rather unpredictably.

62. I have eating disorders and/or substance abuse issues.

63. I am often paranoid.

64. I can be very defiant at times.

65. I experience chronic feelings of emptiness and boredom.

66. I am often irritable, moody, and resentful.

67. I have a strong need for attention and validation.

68. I am hypersensitive to criticism.

69. I have difficulty accepting responsibility for my actions.

70. I'm unable to enjoy harmonious relationships.