‘Am I cool?’ Test (25 Items)


I was recently reading some YouTube comments on a video about two men arguing with a salesperson. The first man was very aggressive in his speech and body language. The second man’s body language was more relaxed.

The first man was talking at the salesman while the second one was talking with the salesman.

A few commenters noted something along the lines of:

“The man in the pink shirt (2nd man) handled the situation well. He’s very cool.”

That got me thinking:

“What makes a person cool?”

While handling difficult situations well is definitely part of being cool, I was sure there was more to it.

Coolness can be subjective

There are people and traits you may consider cool, but I may not.

I’m more interested in the traits that are universally considered cool.

Coolness mostly comes down to high status. Coolness is not an individual but a social concept. You can’t call yourself cool if nobody appreciates your coolness.

Coolness inspires admiration and intimidation in others.

‘High status’ can mean different things at different life stages and to different people, but some things are universally thought of as high status.

For example, successful and good-looking people are considered high status. The same was true when you were in school, and the same is true when you’re an adult.

Popular, powerful, and charismatic people are also high-status and, therefore, cool.

For the purpose of this test, I’ve focused on personality tests that make someone universally cool. Success, fashion, and looks can get subjective. So I’m leaving those out.

Taking the ‘Am I cool?’ Test

This test consists of 25 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. The accuracy of the test depends on how honestly you answer each item.

Your results are confidential and only displayed to you.

Am I cool? Test

1. I remain calm and unreactive in situations that throw others off balance.

2. I handle negative events like criticism and mistakes well.

3. I'm creative and have interests and hobbies.

4. I've been called 'real', 'authentic', or 'charismatic'.

5. I hardly care what others think.

6. I don't toot my own horn.

7. I'm a curious person.

8. I'm comfortable with being different.

9. I'm confident and independent.

10. I try to make things fun.

11. I'm open to new ideas and experiences.

12. I'm adaptable and pragmatic.

13. I mind my own business most of the time.

14. I have the ability to disagree politely.

15. I behave responsibly in public.

16. I avoid showing off or show off indirectly.

17. I treat others well, putting them at ease.

18. I live by the rule "Never harm anyone".

19. I'm not bossy and overbearing in actions and speech.

20. I don't talk over people or interrupt them.

21. I'm not needy and believe in win-win.

22. I don't impose my beliefs on others nor bash theirs.

23. I avoid arguments.

24. I have a sense of humor but don't use it to put others down.

25. I'm always down for deep conversations.