Dreaming of teeth falling out and other common dreams

dreaming of falling teeth

In this post, we explore the meaning hidden behind dreaming of teeth falling out, missing a ride, feeling sick/dying, being lost and being in an out of control vehicle.

Dreaming of teeth falling out

If you dream that your teeth are falling out, it usually means that you are concerned about your self-image and physical looks. You might get this dream if you gained a few pounds lately and you believe it is negatively affecting your looks.

Our subconscious mind uses this symbolism because we all believe that a ‘beautiful smile’ is a sign of good looks and attractiveness. So if our ‘beauty’ or ‘attractiveness’ is threatened in some way, our mind notifies us about it in the dream by telling us that we have lost our smile or in other words, we’ve lost our teeth.

This dream can also mean that you are currently feeling powerless or helpless in life. For instance, if you are facing a problem that you believe you cannot solve, then you might get this dream.

This symbolism is used by the subconscious mind because falling teeth are usually associated with ageing and ageing is associated with weakness. So if you are currently feeling ‘weak’ in the face of a major crisis, your mind reflects this feeling in the dream by making you lose your teeth.

If your teeth are only shaking but not falling in the dream it means that you are concerned you might become powerless in the near future but if they are falling it means that you’ve already been rendered powerless in some way.

Our subconscious mind considers people that are close to us as parts of us. In one experiment, researchers found out that if they inflicted pain on a subject A, and allowed another subject B that had a close relationship with subject A to witness it, the brain activity of subject A was similar to subject B.

In other words, when subject A was inflicted with pain, subject B’s brain also behaved as if it was in pain even though the latter was just witnessing the scenario.

So people who’ve lost a loved one usually dream that their teeth are falling out because this way their subconscious mind is telling them that they’ve lost a part of their own body, a part of their own self, a part of their own identity.

Missing a ride (bus/train/flight)

This dream is very common and means that you believe you’ve missed an important opportunity in life. If you dream that a friend or someone you know didn’t miss the ride while you did, it means that you believe they grabbed the opportunity that was presented to both of you but you didn’t.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to talk to a girl that both you and your friend liked. You didn’t approach her but your friend did. At this point, you might dream that you missed a ride but in the same dream you will see that your same friend catches the ride.

Feeling sick or dying

This dream haunts people who have been emotionally hurt or are afraid of being emotionally hurt. If you see someone else dying, sick or injured, it can mean you are afraid of losing them.

Being lost

If in the dream you find yourself trapped in a maze, a box or in a structure where you cannot move, it means that you are facing (or are going to face) a difficult decision in your life that you don’t want to make or feel like you can’t make.

This dream can also represent a general sense of feeling stuck in life, such as feeling stuck in a job, feeling stuck with a relationship partner, etc.

If you dream that you are lost in a lonely place with no one around, it can mean that you are not satisfied with your current social life. It can also indicate a fear of losing your individuality if you try to fit in.

Being in an out of control vehicle

dreaming of vehicle

If you dream that you are in an out of control vehicle, headed for a cliff or an accident, it means that you believe you are headed for some disaster in real life.

For instance, if you were persuaded to sign a business deal with your business partners that you knew deep down was not good for your company, then you might get this kind of a dream.

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