Emotional detachment test (Instant results)


Emotional detachment is the opposite of emotional attachment and empathy. People who are emotionally detached are unable to fully engage with their feelings and the feelings of others.

For some people, emotional detachment is a personality trait. They consistently show behaviors that scream emotional distance. For others, emotional detachment is a strategy they occasionally deploy to deal with uncomfortable emotions.

Showing a consistent pattern of emotional detachment often has its roots in adverse childhood experiences. Long story short, these people miss out on learning how to connect emotionally with others.

Needless to say, they experience a lot of problems in their relationships.

Extreme emotional detachment could stem from introversion, sociopathy/psychopathy, or a personality disorder.

Taking the emotional detachment test

This test consists of 17 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Totally agree to Totally disagree. Select items that best describe you most of the time. The test takes less than 3 minutes to complete. No personal information is collected, and your answers aren’t stored in our database.

Emotional detachment test

1. I have difficulty opening up to people.

2. I find intimate relationships challenging.

3. I'm bad at showing love and affection.

4. I find it hard to connect with people.

5. I've been told that I have poor listening skills.

6. There's a lack of physical and verbal contact in my life.

7. I avoid talking about my feelings.

8. I don't believe in compromises.

9. I can easily detach myself from people who've been close to me.

10. I have commitment issues.

11. Breakups hardly affect me.

12. I've been told that I have an expressionless face.

13. I feel uncomfortable when people compliment me.

14. I've been called a heartless person.

15. I don't consider myself a romantic person.

16. I'm bad at comforting people.

17. I don't care how my actions affect others.