Emotionally unavailable husband quiz


For a relationship to thrive, partners need to be available to each other physically and emotionally. Emotional availability of the partner makes one feel safe and secure in the relationship.

Emotional unavailability, in contrast, makes one feel insecure.

Romantic relationships and marriages are expected to fulfill one’s emotional needs. If one cannot meet their emotional needs from a partner, they feel frustrated, disappointed, and resentful. It leads to a decrease in emotional intimacy.

Usually, men tend to have problems with emotional connection because they generally value logic over emotions. An emotionally unavailable husband or boyfriend finds it hard to connect with his partner emotionally.

What causes emotional unavailability?

The answer could be as simple as because your husband is a man on the more masculine end of the gender spectrum. But there are other factors that make emotional unavailability in men worse. Mainly:

  • Stress
  • Attachment style

If your husband is going through a stressful time, his emotional unavailability may be unrelated to his personality.

If your husband’s emotional unavailability arises from his attachment style, you’ll notice that he shows a consistent pattern of emotional unavailability. You know that he cares about you but you can tell he struggles with emotional bonding.

People with avoidant attachment styles tend to show emotionally unavailable behaviors. In particular, those with the dismissive-avoidant attachment style. Healing one’s attachment style requires self-awareness and resolving childhood trauma.

Taking the emotionally unavailable husband quiz

This test is designed to assess the degree of emotional unavailability in your husband, mainly arising from his attachment style. It consists of 15 items on a 4-point scale ranging from Always to Never.

I recommend focusing on your husband’s long-term behavior when answering, not just recent behavior.

Your results will only be visible to you, and they’re not stored in our database.

If you feel you’re the one who’s emotionally distant from your partner and other people in your life, you can take this generalized emotional detachment test.

Emotionally unavailable husband quiz

1. Is your husband comfortable expressing his deepest emotions?

2. Are you able to have deep conversations with him?

3. Does he avoid emotional topics?

4. Does he dismiss your thoughts and feelings?

5. Does he find it hard to display affection?

6. Does he not seem to care what you're going through?

7. Does he show little or no interest in your life?

8. Does he avoid initiating conversations?

9. When you initiate a connection, he does not reciprocate.

10. He doesn't make plans or do things with you.

11. He pushes you away when you violate his boundaries instead of communicating.

12. He pulls away when you try to get close, physically or emotionally.

13. He makes you feel bad about your emotional needs.

14. He avoids conflict.

15. He gets triggered by drama and tantrums.