High-functioning APD test


Avoidant Personality Disorder (APD) is characterized by avoidant social behaviors. Someone with APD avoids social situations and feels inadequate, anxious, and shy.

They’re hypervigilant to social threats and fear rejection, criticism, and shame.

A disorder is characterized by dysfunction and distress. In some disordered individuals, however, there’s distress, but there’s no dysfunction. They can even be high-functioning, meaning their disorder doesn’t negatively impact their performance in different life areas.

A high-functioning APD has the symptoms of APD and feels internal distress, but they manage to do well in their careers, relationships, and other life areas. They’ve chosen lifestyles that align with their disorder. They might even have leveraged their disorder to succeed.

Taking the High-functioning APD test

This short test consists of 10 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. It’s not meant to be a diagnosis. Your results are only shown to you. We don’t store them in our database or share them with anyone.

High-functioning avoidant personality disorder test

1. I feel like I have to wear a mask in social situations.

2. I prefer working alone.

3. I tend to over-analyze social situations.

4. I am highly self-aware.

5. I am an overachieving workaholic.

6. I am highly self-reliant.

7. My social circle is quite small, almost non-existent.

8. I frequently experience negative thoughts and emotions.

9. I frequently burn out.

10. I have difficulty relaxing and celebrating my achievements.