Thought disorder test (15 Items)


Thought disorder, also called formal thought disorder or disorganized speech, is when a person’s thoughts become incoherent, illogical, and disorganized.

This is reflected in how the person expresses themselves in speech and writing.

Thought disorder is the main symptom of schizophrenia, dementia, and psychotic disorders.

Of course, normal people also experience disorganized thoughts when they’re stressed or tired. We’ve all been through times when we can’t seem to get our thoughts together.

When disorganized thoughts become frequent and disrupt your daily life, causing significant problems in communication, they’re a disorder.

Taking the thought disorder test

This test is not a diagnosis. It gives you the probability of having a thought disorder. If you want a proper diagnosis, consult a professional who’ll do a more in-depth assessment.

This test has 15 items on a 4-point scale ranging from Very often to Never. Your results are only shown to you, and we don’t store them in our database.

Thought disorder test

1. I stop speaking mid-sentence and pause for a long period.

2. When speaking, I provide a lot of unnecessary detail unrelated to the topic.

3. I use terms based more on their sounds than their meanings, like puns or rhyming words.

4. I randomly create unrecognizable and nonsensical new words.

5. I feel like I don't have control over my own thoughts or ideas.

6. It's challenging for others to comprehend what I'm saying.

7. I don't speak unless asked, and my responses to questions are short.

8. Instead of thinking for myself, I regurgitate the sounds and words that I hear.

9. I pronounce words incorrectly and make mistakes in my speech.

10. I use unusual language that’s overly formal or outdated.

11. I find it hard to do things that require fast thinking.

12. I can't work on a project without daydreaming.

13. When I face something new, it's hard for me to organize my thoughts.

14. I feel like I can’t stop talking and need to get everything out.

15. I get sidetracked easily, especially if anything else grabs my interest.