Why do women love shopping?

This article will discuss why women love shopping so much while men barely show any interest in it. Instead, men seem to enjoy things like sports, fishing, and camping more. It was like a typical evening of any modern family. The teenaged boy was tapping on his phone vigorously while his sister kept scrolling on her own device. …

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Evolutionary explanations of food preferences

Consumption of food plays a pivotal role in ensuring the survival and functionality of all organisms- be it a single-celled amoeba, a plant, or a human being. All living organisms are programmed to obtain food from their environments in some way or the other. Besides being programmed to obtain food, humans have also evolved certain …

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We’re all evolved to be hunter-gatherers


Modern homo sapiens evolved around 200,000 years ago and lived mainly as hunter-gatherers. They mostly led nomadic lives moving from place to place in search of food. Their bodies had evolved to make them efficient hunter-gatherers and this continued for thousands of years. Changes in the hunter-gatherer way of life began only recently with respect …

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How evolved psychological mechanisms work

brain psychological mechanisms

An evolved psychological mechanism is a behavioural program present in an organism that tends to ensure its survival and reproductive success.  Over the period of evolution of an organism, behavioural strategies that enable its successful survival and reproduction get selected and are passed on to succeeding generations. The result is that the behavioural strategies you …

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Evolutionary perspective in psychology

Evolutionary psychology, as the name suggests, is the application of the principles of evolutionary theory to psychology. Before you can understand how an evolutionary perspective can be applied to human behavior, you first need to have a firm grasp on the theory of evolution itself. Theory of evolution  It’s the year 2500 A.D. and mankind …

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Psychology of laughter (Explained)

Ever wondered why do we laugh? What’s the psychology of laughter? As much as I enjoy laughter and jokes, I also find these phenomena weird. I mean, if you think about it, laughter is creepy. You open your mouth wide open as if to engulf the earth and go ‘HAHAHA’ whilst shaking your body like a vibrator …

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Why do people smile?

woman smiling

When someone smiles at you, it tells you very clearly that the person acknowledges you and approves of you. No one can deny how good it feels to give and receive a smile. You can never expect harm from a smiling person. A smile makes us feel really good, secure, and comfortable. But why is that? What’s the …

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