Toxic mother-daughter relationship quiz


Conflicts in close relationships are common. The people you care about the most affect you the most. Sometimes, though, a line gets crossed, and conflicts in close relationships become toxic to your mental health.

Parents have a significant influence on the psychological development and well-being of their children. What kinds of adults people become is primarily influenced by how they were parented. Healthy parenting creates healthy children, and toxic parents create toxic children.

Toxicity in a parent-child relationship can have lasting consequences on the child’s psychology. Effects of toxic parenting include:

  • Not developing a sense of self
  • Finding it hard to be assertive
  • Becoming a people-pleaser
  • Low self-esteem

If you think both your parents have been toxic, I recommend taking the toxic parents test.

If you’re a son who suspects your mother has been a toxic influence in your life, I suggest reading about mother-son enmeshment.

If you’re a daughter and believe your relationship with your mother has been toxic, this mother-daughter relationship test is for you.

Taking the toxic mother-daughter relationship quiz

This quiz consists of 20 items on a 5-point scale ranging from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree. It’s designed for adult daughters to assess the level of toxicity in their relationship with their mother.

Answer each item based on what applies the most to your relationship currently, not what was true in the past. We don’t store your responses in our database, and your results will only be visible to you.

Toxic mother-daughter relationship quiz

1. I frequently disagree and fight with my mother.

2. My mother makes me furious and bitter on a regular basis.

3. She has a habit of blaming and shaming me and making me feel bad.

4. She constantly criticizes and ridicules me.

5. She disregards my boundaries and meddles excessively in my personal affairs.

6. She wants to know everything about my personal life.

7. She gives me unsolicited advice on how to manage my relationships.

8. She's hardly interested in what I have to say.

9. She unnecessarily interrupts my conversations.

10. She sees my self-care activities as a waste of time.

11. I feel like she's over-protective of me.

12. She still treats me as if I were a child.

13. She takes decisions for me without consulting me.

14. She treats me more like a friend than a daughter.

15. I'm afraid I'll become like my mother.

16. She makes me feel like she's in competition with me.

17. For her, nothing I say or do is good enough.

18. She downplays my accomplishments.

19. She dismisses my opinions, choices, and feelings.

20. Me and my mother lack an emotional connection.