How to figure people out

The way to figure people out is by figuring out their core psychological needs. Needs may be general or individual. For instance, the need for survival is a general human need but it tells you nothing of value about a person’s unique psychological make-up. On the other hand, individual needs that are shaped by a person’s past experiences tell you a …

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How to understand someone’s personality

No two people on the planet have the same set of personality traits, not even identical twins who were apparently brought up in ‘identical’ circumstances or have similar genes. What then makes each of us so unique? Why is it that you have a personality that is distinct from the personality of everyone else? The answer …

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How to read body language (like a pro)

In this article, I’ll give you some tips that’ll teach you how to read body language like a pro. I won’t be discussing specific body language gestures but general things that you should keep in mind while decoding body language. Mastering non-verbal communication skills will turn you into a magician. You’ll be able to predict …

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Procrastinate more to end procrastination

how to stop procrastinating by procrastinating

In order to learn how to stop procrastinating, you need to procrastinate a lot. I’ll explain this paradox later. First, let’s try to understand procrastination… Procrastination means avoiding or delaying the important tasks that you know you should be doing. It is a common feature of human behaviour and we all procrastinate from time to time. …

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Mirroring technique in body language (explained)


If you want to learn how to build rapport, the mirroring technique is perhaps the most effective way to do so. Mirroring gives you a fair glimpse of how our unconscious minds work below our level of awareness. It shows you how we make decisions and judgments about somebody without knowing why. Mirroring, as the name …

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Covert hypnosis techniques for mind control

hypnosis clock

A covert hypnosis technique is the one in which a person is hypnotized without their knowledge. It’s usually carried out in a conversation. The idea that someone can control our mind using their speech freaks out many people. They forget that we’ve all been covertly hypnotized in one way or the other. Our entire childhood …

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How to start new habits that actually stick

This article will teach you not only how to create new habits but also- and this is very important- how to make them stick. Many people think that in order to successfully establish and stick to new habits, you need motivation and willpower. That’s true, but only partially. Willpower and motivation can force you to start a …

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