How to have an open mind?

reading to be open-minded

People keep talking about the importance of being open-minded but they rarely talk about how to be open-minded. Or why it’s so hard to become more open-minded. Open-mindedness is indeed one of the most important personality traits that one must seek to develop. A closed-minded person can never be truly free for they dwell in …

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How to overcome shyness

woman overcoming shyness in public

This article will discuss what causes a person to be shy and how to overcome shyness the right way. Shyness is a personality disorder because a shy person has problems dealing with the people they want to interact with. Shyness makes a person uncomfortable around others. Shy people find it difficult to express themselves freely …

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4 Realistic ways to deal with negative thoughts

overcoming negative thoughts

To get rid of negative thoughts, you first need to understand why they’re triggered in the first place. Only then can we talk about how to get rid of them appropriately. Emotions arise from thoughts or interpretations that cross our minds whether we’re conscious of them or not. Positive events trigger positive thoughts leading to positive …

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