Psychology of anxiety

This article will discuss the psychology of anxiety and social anxiety. Social anxiety is a common type of anxiety that people experience. To understand it requires the understanding of the basic concept of anxiety. When worry becomes more real than a passing thought and gets mixed with fear and a sense of loss of control, a person …

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What causes guilt?

This article will explore what causes guilt and throw light on the all-important concept of accumulated or carried over guilt. Guilt is an emotion that we experience when we do something that we consider to be ‘wrong’. Our perceptions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ comprise our values so when we do something that goes against our important values, …

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Emotional suppression: Causes and consequences

emotion suppression example

This article will explore the concept of emotional suppression, its causes and consequences. You’ll also learn what is meant by emotional numbness and how to avoid suppressing your emotions. Suppose something bad happens to you that causes you a great deal of emotional pain. Now there are three possible things that you could do in …

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Emotional needs and their effect on personality

It’s crucial to understand emotional needs. As a matter of fact, we can’t really understand many of our own emotions if we don’t understand our emotional needs. We all develop some specific emotional needs during childhood. Though we continue developing needs later on in life as we grow up, the needs we form during our early childhood …

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4 Realistic ways to deal with negative thoughts

overcoming negative thoughts

To get rid of negative thoughts, you first need to understand why they’re triggered in the first place. Only then can we talk about how to get rid of them appropriately. Emotions arise from thoughts or interpretations that cross our minds whether we’re conscious of them or not. Positive events trigger positive thoughts leading to positive …

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Belief systems as subconscious programs

beliefs as subconscious programs

Your belief systems that have a major impact on your thoughts and actions are like subconscious programs. If your level of awareness isn’t high, you probably don’t even know they exist, let alone how they’re influencing you. Even if you know nothing about psychology and human behavior, understanding the concept of a belief system will …

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What is the difference between conscious and subconscious mind?

conscious versus subconscious metaphor

I’m sure you’ve come across terms like “conscious mind” and “subconscious mind” if you’ve had conversations with self-aware and knowledgeable people. If you’ve wondered what those two terms really mean, you’re in the right place. This article will clarify the concepts of the conscious and subconscious mind. Consider the following scenario: When first learning to …

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