Childhood trauma questionnaire for adults

childhood trauma questionnaire

Trauma can be caused by any negative, life-threatening experience. People can be traumatized by other people, accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, political unrest, and the like. Childhood trauma is especially damaging because the minds of young children are highly impressionable. Since young children spend most of their time with their parents, most people have been traumatized …

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How to heal from childhood trauma

healing childhood trauma

A traumatic experience is an experience that puts a person in danger. We respond to trauma with stress. Prolonged traumatic stress can have significant negative psychological and physiological effects on a person. Trauma may be caused by a single event, such as the loss of a loved one, or by continuous stress over time, such …

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Why seeking validation can’t be stopped

seeking validation

Seeking validation from others means seeking their approval for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choices, values, and actions. The desire to seek validation stems from the basic human need to be liked and accepted by others. Since we’re a social species, we have a fundamental need to belong to our herd and be accepted by them. …

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How to become a genius

how to become a genius

A genius is a person who has reached the highest level of skill in their chosen craft. Geniuses are highly creative individuals who make original, useful, and surprising contributions to the world. Geniuses are usually geniuses in one area, but there have been some who excelled in multiple areas. One can be a genius in …

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Toxic parents test: Are your parents toxic?

toxic parents test

While any family member can be toxic, parental toxicity is the most prevalent and damaging to an individual. Parental toxicity is characterized by a persistent pattern of toxic interactions where the victim is subjected to physical or psychological abuse. In short, any parental behavior that harms you in any way is toxic behavior. When parents …

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Toxic family dynamics: 10 Signs to look for

toxic family dynamics

A toxic family is defined as one where there’s a consistent pattern of family members exhibiting harmful behaviors toward other members. While conflict is a normal part of a family dynamic, a toxic family handles conflict in ways that are damaging to one or more members. In a toxic family, there’s a constant pattern of …

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How to make someone laugh (10 Tactics)

how to make someone laugh

Laughter is not only the best medicine but also a great way to raise your status in society. When you make people laugh, you make them feel good. This makes them perceive you as a valuable member of society and your self-esteem rises. So, it makes sense to want to learn how to make someone …

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Abandonment issues quiz

abandonment issues quiz

People with abandonment issues fear losing their loved ones. This fear often stems from how they were treated by their parents in childhood. If one’s parents were accepting, responsive, and loving, they develop a strong sense of self and feel secure in relationships. On the other hand, neglect, indifference, and unresponsiveness from parents leave children …

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How to undo brainwashing (7 Steps)

how to undo brainwashing

Brainwashing is the process of repeatedly indoctrinating a person with a new set of beliefs. It’s helpful to think of brainwashing in terms of identity. When someone is brainwashed, they ditch their old identity and acquire a new one. The indoctrinated beliefs that support the person’s new identity change their thoughts and behaviors. The person …

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Healing abandonment issues (8 Effective ways)

healing abandonment issues

People with abandonment issues fear being abandoned by their loved ones. Being the social species that we are, all of us dislike being abandoned by others, especially by our relatives and in-groups. While some level of this fear is normal, a person with abandonment issues lives in this fear constantly. Accepting and rejecting someone lies …

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