What upsets a sociopath? 5 Ways to win

sociopath arrested

Sociopaths are antisocial people who’re willing to harm others for selfish gain. They show a chronic pattern of antisocial behaviors and are likely to become criminals. Sociopathy emerges in early childhood, suggesting it has more to do with genes than the environment. Also, there have been cases of acquired sociopathy after damage to specific brain …

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10 Types of intimacy no one talks about

recreational intimacy

“I miss you, not mentally but physically.” When my girlfriend said that to me recently, it left me scratching my head. I mean, I understood what she meant, but I’d never thought about ‘missing’ that way. People usually only say, “I miss you”. The fact that she specified a modality of ‘missing’ had me thinking. …

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22 Dominant body language signals

dominant body language

Human beings are sensitive to social hierarchies. They want to know their status in their group and the status of their group members. Therefore, when people interact with others, some questions naturally run in their heads, such as: “Is he confident?” “Is he a leader?” “Is she trustworthy?” “Is he successful?” “Is he a loser?” …

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How to break a trauma bond

break trauma bond

Trauma happens when we find ourselves in a threatening situation. The threat could be to our survival or reproductive success. Events that cause trauma include accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, break-ups, losing a loved one, abuse, and so on. A trauma bond is a bond that gets developed between an abuser and the abused. The victim …

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How to work on yourself mentally

working on yourself mentally

People who’ve worked on themselves mentally are just different. Their actions and words betray the work they’ve put in themselves. You always get that feeling of ‘this person knows who they are and what they’re talking about’ right away. It’s almost as if you can smell their confidence. They’re smart, good conversationalists, goal-driven, and purposeful. …

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Why men pull away when things get serious

man pulling away

New relationships typically go through this ‘honeymoon phase’ where both partners are on a high and enjoy each other’s company. After this phase, either the relationship moves forward and solidifies, or one partner pulls away. I suspect the latter is more common than the former. But why does it happen? Though both men and women …

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Controlling personality test

controlling personality test

We all desire some degree of control in our lives because it makes us feel good and in charge of things. However, controlling behavior can quickly slide into annoying or downright abusive behavior. Controlling behavior makes others feel embarrassed, violated, and inferior. Controlling people either have a fear of losing control or they’re hooked to …

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27 Characteristics of a cheating woman

cheating woman characteristics

When two people enter a romantic relationship, they have certain expectations from each other. In most romantic relationships, each partner wants to be the exclusive recipient of the other partner’s love and intimacy. When one partner breaks this rule and diverts their love and intimacy to a third person, they’re said to have cheated. Of …

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Childhood trauma questionnaire for adults

childhood trauma questionnaire

Trauma can be caused by any negative, life-threatening experience. People can be traumatized by other people, accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, political unrest, and the like. Childhood trauma is especially damaging because the minds of young children are highly impressionable. Since young children spend most of their time with their parents, most people have been traumatized …

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How to heal from childhood trauma

healing childhood trauma

A traumatic experience is an experience that puts a person in danger. We respond to trauma with stress. Prolonged traumatic stress can have significant negative psychological and physiological effects on a person. Trauma may be caused by a single event, such as the loss of a loved one, or by continuous stress over time, such …

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