False humility: 5 Reasons for faking humility

false humility

Humility can be defined as being free from pride and arrogance. Society values humility as a personality trait. Hence, people have an incentive to display humility to be seen as valuable by others. This leads some to display humility when, in fact, they don’t really feel humble. False humility is displaying humility when you’ve got …

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Jumping to conclusions: Why we do it and how to avoid it

woman jumping to conclusion

Jumping to conclusions is a cognitive distortion or a cognitive bias whereby a person reaches an unwarranted conclusion based on minimal information. Humans are jumping to conclusion machines prone to making quick judgements that are often wrong. Humans jump to conclusions using heuristics or mental shortcuts based on rules of thumb, emotion, experience, and memory …

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How to validate someone (The right way)

how to validate someone

Humans are ultra-social species who crave validation from each other. Social validation is the glue that keeps human relationships together. Put simply, being validated means being acknowledged, and being invalided means being dismissed. Before we can discuss how to validate someone, it’s important to realize that humans seek validation in several areas. Most experts focus …

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Childhood emotional neglect (An in-depth guide)

emotionally neglected child

Childhood emotional neglect occurs when one or both parents don’t respond to the emotional needs of a child. Human children, heavily depending on their parents, require material and emotional support from their parents. They especially require emotional support for healthy physiological and psychological development. While parents may both abuse and neglect their child, abuse is …

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Cassandra syndrome: 9 Reasons warnings go unheeded

cassandra painting

Cassandra syndrome or Cassandra complex is when a person’s warning goes unheeded. The term is derived from Greek mythology. Cassandra was a beautiful woman whose beauty seduced Apollo into granting her the gift of prophecy. However, when Cassandra refused Apollo’s romantic advances, he placed a curse on her. The curse was that nobody would believe …

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Body language: Pinching the bridge of nose

woman pinching bridge of nose

Pinching the bridge of nose gesture consists of pinching the top of the nose with one’s index finger and thumb. It’s often accompanied by a lowering of the head, closing the eyes, and releasing a deep sigh. Sometimes, the person may also squeeze the skin in the area repeatedly. Pinching the bridge of nose means …

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How to find your purpose (5 Easy steps)

finding purpose

Countless books have been written on how to find your purpose. It’s among the most asked questions in self-help, therapy, and counseling areas. In this article, we’ll explore what purpose really means and how to find what your purpose is. As many wise people have pointed out, purpose isn’t something out there waiting to be …

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