Intuition test: Are you more intuitive or rational?

rationality and intuition test

The Rational-Experiential Inventory (REI) measures the degree to which people are rational and intuitive (experiential). This rationality and intuition test is based on the theory that there are two ways we process information when solving problems or making decisions. The first type of thinking is fast and intuitive, called System 1 thinking. The other type …

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What is insight learning? (Definition and theory)

insight learning featured

Insight learning is a type of learning that happens suddenly, in the flash of a moment. It’s those “a-ha” moments, the light bulbs that people typically get long after they’ve abandoned a problem. It’s believed that insight learning has been behind many creative inventions, discoveries, and solutions throughout history. In this article, we’ll explore what’s …

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Why the power of thoughts gets exaggerated

power of thoughts

Countless books have been written on the power of thoughts to shape reality. Motivational speakers and spiritual gurus keep reminding people of the importance of thoughts, particularly positive thoughts. The idea is that if you think positive thoughts, positive things happen to you. And if you think negative thoughts, negative things happen to you. The …

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How low self-esteem people think, feel, and behave

socially anxious boy

Self-esteem is one of those topics that gets mentioned a lot. Everyone who uses the term has some idea of what it means. However, if you ask them to elaborate on it, they flail and hesitate, giving you the “it-is-what-it-is” look. Truth is, there are some misconceptions about self-esteem out there. Low self-esteem, in particular, …

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What does actual love actually mean?

couple in real love

When someone goes through a breakup, it’s common for others to say: “He probably wasn’t the one for you, anyway.”“She didn’t really love you.”“It wasn’t actual love, just infatuation.” All this doesn’t just come from others. A person’s own mind can do this too. Sam was in a relationship with Sara for three years. Everything …

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Assertiveness training: Practical assertiveness guide

assertiveness is like tightrope walking

I’ve covered assertiveness in two previous articles, but I felt like I haven’t given enough attention to assertiveness training. Many people know what assertiveness is, but when it comes to situations that call for assertive behavior, they get stuck and aren’t sure what may or may not work. If you’ve been a reader here, you …

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