16 Signs of low intelligence

signs of low intelligence

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy spending time with people who’re smarter than me. To do this, I have to actively scan my social circle for low intelligence people and limit my association with them. So I thought an article that lists the major signs of low intelligence would be a nice idea. …

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The psychology behind ultimatums in relationships

ultimatums in relationships

An ultimatum is a demand for behavioral change accompanied by a threat. Also called Games of Chicken, ultimatums are often “Do this, or else…” type of statements that pressurize a person to do something they don’t want to do. In relationships, those who feel their needs aren’t being met issue ultimatums. Issuing an ultimatum is …

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How to move on from an ex (7 Tips)

how to move on from an ex

When we enter relationships, we have certain expectations from our relationship partners. When those expectations are violated, things get sour, and a breakup looms around the corner. A breakup can be a very complicated psychological phenomenon. How you move on from an ex largely depends on how and why the breakup happened. Breakups can occur …

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Tongue pressed against cheek body language

tongue pressed against cheek

In body language, the ‘tongue pressed against cheek’ facial expression occurs when a person’s tongue presses against the inside of their cheek on one side of the face. As a result, their cheek bulges noticeably on the outside. This facial expression is subtle and usually lasts for only a fraction of a second. Where and …

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How to let go of resentment

let go of resentment

Resentment occurs when we believe someone close to us has intentionally harmed us. When we’re wronged, we feel angry in the moment. Anger is an emotion that tells us that our rights have been violated. That is, the other person has incurred significant costs upon us. When we suppress our anger in the moment for …

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Relationship dynamics (Definition and meaning)

dynamics of relationships

Relationship dynamics can simply be defined as ‘everything that happens between two people in a relationship’. The relationship dynamics between relationship partners tell us about: How the couple interact with each other What they think of each other How they feel about each other Respect, love, and intimacy levels in the relationship Every relationship we’re …

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Wringing hands body language meaning

wringing hands body language

The ‘wringing hands’ body language gesture is where a person squeezes one hand with the other repeatedly or alternately, or both. Usually, the knuckles of one hand get pressed between the palm and the fingers of the other hand. Other times, the person rubs their entire hand as if they were washing it. In other …

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How to annoy a passive-aggressive person

passive aggressive person

A passive-aggressive person is the one who tends to adopt a passive-aggressive communication style. When someone’s rights are stepped on or when their goals are frustrated by others, they can either behave: Passively = Do nothing Aggressively = Get their rights back by stepping on others’ rights Passive-aggressively = Indirect aggression Assertively = Get their …

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How to respond to indifference

how to respond to indifference

Indifference simply means not caring. When someone is indifferent toward you, they’re showing they don’t care about you. Caring for others is an investment in others. Therefore, indifference can be seen as a way to withdraw or decrease investment from someone. In this article, we’ll discuss signs of indifference, what causes indifference, and how to …

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