10 Ego defence mechanisms in psychology

This post will discuss 10 common ego defence mechanisms that we encounter regularly in our day-to-day lives. Your ego is your sense of self or ‘I’. Technically, your ego is your conscious mind. We all desire to feel worthy and stay psychologically stable. Now when something happens that threatens our well-being or decreases our self-worth, …

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What is learned helplessness in psychology?

Helplessness is an emotion that we experience when we realize that we can’t do anything to solve an important problem. Helplessness is usually experienced after we have used up all the options that were available to us for solving our problem. When there’s no option left or we can’t think of any, we feel helpless. Suppose …

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Emotional suppression: Causes and consequences

emotion suppression example

This article will explore the concept of emotional suppression, its causes and consequences. You’ll also learn what is meant by emotional numbness and how to avoid suppressing your emotions. Suppose something bad happens to you that causes you a great deal of emotional pain. Now there are three possible things that you could do in …

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