5-Step dream interpretation guide

how to interpret dreams

Someone has rightly said that an uninterpreted dream is like an unopened letter. In this article, I’ll tell you how to interpret dreams using this easy-to-follow, 5-step guide. Almost all of us see dreams at night whether we remember them or not. It is believed that we see around 3 to 6 dreams per night, …

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What causes weird dreams?

This article will explore what causes weird dreams using the concept of dream symbolism. I first came across dream symbolism in the book Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud. Dreams are a means of communication between you and your subconscious mind. When you are dreaming, there is often a message that the subconscious mind is …

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3 Reasons we dream at night

Why do we dream at night?Why doesn’t our mind rest when we’re sleeping? While you’re awake, it’s not so easy to figure out what’s happening in your subconscious because your conscious mind actively engages you with the world around you while your subconscious keeps on working behind the scenes. This is why the subconscious mind …

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What causes identity crisis?

identity crisis pic

This article will throw light on the concept of psychological identity, how it’s related to ego and the causes of identity crisis. We have many identities that we acquire from our past experiences and cultural backgrounds. These identities may be broadly classified as positive (the identities we like) and negative (the identities we dislike). For …

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Distorted self-image: What causes it?

woman seeing distorted self-image

Our self-image is how we see ourselves. When someone has a distorted self-image, it means how they see themselves is inaccurate. Our self-image or self-concept not only includes our physical appearance but also the beliefs we have about our own abilities, talents, values, etc. However, in this article, my focus will be on physical appearance. …

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Top 7 motivational rock songs to keep you motivated

motivational rock songs

It’s a well-known fact of human behaviour that beliefs become stronger by repetition. Even if a statement wasn’t a belief initially, it can get converted into one if we get exposed to it enough number of times. Beliefs are nothing but memories of the past. If you recall your past memories, you’ll realize that you …

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The power of habit and the story of Pepsodent

I recently came across a mind-blowing story about how Pepsodent was launched in the market and how brushing teeth became a worldwide habit. I came across the story in a book titled The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg. To those of you who have read the book, this post will serve as a nice little reminder …

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How we understand the world (Duality of mind)

Duality is an essential feature of the human mind. Our mind makes use of duality to understand the world, to make sense of it. Had our mind not been dual, I don’t think we could ever possibly describe the world around us. There would be no language, no words, no measurements, nothing. The mind is …

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Why personality tests don’t work

Personality tests are found almost everywhere on the internet these days but do they really work? While some of them may be a bit credible, others that tell you that your fingernails can tell a lot about you are just plain stupid. People with a decent level of self-understanding rarely go for such tests. Although, sometimes …

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Why are addictions so hard to break?

Why do addicts want higher and higher doses of a drug, even if it’s ruining their lives? Why do people spend endlessly on gambling only even though it saps their financial resources? Why do people that are addicted to junk food even though it’s fattening them up? When it comes to how addiction works, drug addicts …

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